Monday, 1 March 2010

Whoo hooo!!! New digi store....

Hi there crafty buddies - I can't contain myself any longer! I just have to let you know about the new store. Some of you may have noticed a revamp of our challenge blog OSAAT. We are now brought to you by Stitchy Bear Stamps which is my buddy Stitch and her buddy Sue's (you may know her as Beary Dust stamps) new venture. They were just embarking on this venture when we all got the news of Digital-Inks closure. This left a few of the girls with nowhere to sell their wares so they have all got together and opened a new store called Stitchy Bear Stamps.

The store is now open, but please "Bear" with them as it takes some time to change all their previews and then upload - remember some of these girls had over 100 products. You'll most probably see new stuff in there before you see a lot of the older stuff come in as they can add these to the new preview easier than they can change the old stuff.
I personally think they have done very well to get this open in such a short time, so please give them a little time for things to start going in (remember some of them have jobs too). If I could help them I would but all the PSPing is a little over my head still and zen cart...well I can buy easy enough lol......
I do hope you'll pop over and visit them soon - remember, they need a little time to get your old favs in there but you will start seeing bits trickle in there now.
Take care
Sam x


  1. Whoooooooooooooooo Sam I am still in a highly excitable state lol 10 cards to do one made Can I put me post up now too lol yeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaa its brilliant fun this just lorve it now please no dampering me high spirits lol


  2. Hi Sam,
    This looks as though it will be fab - can't wait to go have a look see. Please can you give Liz something to calm her down - oooh she's so excitable.!!! LOL
    Dawn xx

  3. It is gorgeous!! What a splendid job you gals have done, I am so excited for your new adventure!!


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