Monday, 6 December 2010

Update on James

Well, we're back from the hospital and he's been signed off for another 6 weeks but he has to have an MRI scan before his next hospital appointment (oh goody goody) as they're unsure as to why his shoulder isn't getting better yet. So he has to have this scan to see if it is healing in the wrong position and if it is he'll have to have it re-dislocated and put back in again or have it pinned, so either way it will be an op of some kind and then more time off for it to heal.
So, no real answers until the MRI scan results, but we do know it'll be quite a few more weeks of him being bored at home.
Thanks for all your well wishes peeps and I'll update you again when we know anything. Oh and when I've finished my cousins wedding stationery I'll put up some piccies of them too.
Take care now bodies
Sam xx

Saturday, 4 December 2010


I think the title really says everything. Well since hubby dislocated his shoulder the day before my birthday, things haven't really got any better. Sure, he can now get dressed and get in and out of the bath without help, but that is as far as it goes. He's still in an awful lot of pain and I am technically stronger than he is now, so I'm still doing all the heavy stuff but that isn't doing my knees any favours.
I've just had an x-ray on the right knee as that's the worst one, painkillers are helping me manage the pain day to day, so that's good even though they are still hurting. Just got to wait for the doctors to let me know when the results are in and if there is anything obvious.
I've also shut down my online stores for the moment, as I haven't got any time to do anything if anyone did want anything. Yes I could manage small things, but I have my cousins wedding stationery to do first, so I'm just going to disappear until the New Year and see how things go.
On Monday hubby has an appointment at the hospital, so I think quite a few questions will be asked, so if I get a chance I'll post an update if any of his questions get answered.
Oh well, enough moaning for now I think. Take care in this weather peeps and with any luck I'll be back soon.
Sam xx