Wednesday, 30 June 2010

WOYWW 30th June

OMG I just realised it's the end of the month!!!! Holy smokes batman - where is the year going? Anyway I'm getting back on track these days (I keep getting myself overtired and then I keep thinking the world is out to get me, so I've decided I will stay in bed till the very last minute until things are going smoothly everywhere again) but that is a different story and I am ok, can't say I'm fit and healthy though but I am ok lol. Anyway I haven't been to WOYWW for a few weeks while trying to get my head round things and as I am feeling in a blogging mood again, I thought I'd join in and show off my mess once again.

I dread to think what you guys will spy on the table of terrors but I hope you have fun looking around. I'll get round a few of you I can be sure of that - how many I don't know (depends on whether I feel like an early morning one day lol) oh and if hubby lets me have the lappy or if he goes out for the evening to his mates. Anyway I will try and get around to a good few of you - if I could type faster I'd get round to an awful lot more of you.
Okay I'm waffling now so I'm off to make a start.
Take care everybody peeps
Sam x

Monday, 28 June 2010

Tandem Birthday card commission

My MIL asked me to make this card (bless her she's basically my only customer along with my FIL) for her very good friend who has had a tough time of it recently. My MIL has known her since they were 11 and as they are now both just over 60 (I'm far too polite to reveal their if they were my mates it would be a different matter), they have known each other for some time and she wanted this reflected in the card. Apparently her friend used to do a lot of cycling and somehow a tandem bicycle came into their conversation, so my MIL thought it would be a good subject for the card. Now I thought this was a bit wacky - until I looked for pics on google. OMG!!! there are wedding invites and all sorts out there....I missed a trick there you know.
Anyway, here is the finished card and I have used some of my good buddy Susans "Fragrant Mint" paper pack ... which you can purchase via the following link well actually you'll see all of her paper packs through that link, but they are all so gorgeous it's well worth checking them out.

Oh yeah Susan goes under the name of Crafty Chaos when she's not making fab DT cards for us over at OSAAT.
Okay I'm off to cut some more stuff out for the rest of this evening after I have got the washing in, it's too hot to do anything else.
Take care
Sam x

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Stars and Stripes over at OSAAT

It's that time of the week again - the days just seem to dissappear so quickly at the moment. Anyway, it's challenge time over at OSAAT yet again and this week we have a few newbies to introduce to you. I'm now thinking of resigning as these new girls have SOOOOOO much talent (not really stitch stop having a panic attach lol ). Anyway our challenge is for you to use stars and/or stripes on your project.
I got to work with these fab papers from Toucans Scraps. This pack is called Black and White Spots and Stripes. As you can see I have only used the stripey paper from the pack.

I really hope you will join in the fun and welcome our new girls to the team here at OSAAT. Next week you will have the lovely Liz at the helm of OSSAT as we are now having 2 teams so we all get more time to play in between.
Take care now and I'll be back soon.
Sam x

Saturday, 26 June 2010

First attempts at crocheted flowers

Dunno what's wrong with me lately - but I've been here at my blog for more days in a row than I have for ages and I'm doing other stuff other than just cards!!!
Anyway these are my first attempts at crocheting flowers so those of you that are old hands at it please let me know what you think of my attempts. I personally think I'm getting there. The holes are the bit that are worrying me as it doesn't look that holey in the pictures in the mag, but that could be the yarn I'm using and the fact that I was trying to leave it as loose as I dared so I knew that I could get my hook back through.
Anyway I'd love some feedback on these please.

Cheers peeps
Sam x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Award time!!

I got an award from my fellow DT member,blogging buddy and facebook addict, Clare (  check out her blog and her shop too). Now I'm not really sure what she's trying to say with this award at first look but it all becomes clear when you know what you have to do with it hehehe.

Now then I have to tell you 6 bare faced lies and one truth (or vice versa if you so wish just to mix it up a bit) so here goes.
1. I love housework.
2. I'm extremely outgoing and have loads of friends in the real world.
3. I'm a size 12, 6 ft red head.
4. I have 3 gorgeous daughters and one fab hubby.
5. I regularly run marathons.
6. I am incredibly organised.
7. I'm a brilliant liar hehehe.

Leave a comment to say which one you think is true ... or which one you think is the lie!
Okay now to some worthy recipients hmmmmm..... well one has to be Lyn AKA spyder as her blog whenever I visit it has me in stitches. Now the other six.
2. Sarah
3. Lexis Creations
4. Deb
5. Gemma
6. Sarah K
7. Rebekah

Okay of to let my blogging buddies know they have a little surprise waiting for them right here at Chez Sam hehehe and then do dinner.
Take care peeps
Sam x

STWD new challenge

STWD stands for Stampin with the Dragon - I have a thing for shortening things at the minute ... I think it's just that I like to keep people guessing what I am on about hehehe. Anyway another fab challenge this fortnight for you all. We'd love to see your lovey dovey easel cards. Now mine I've gone off to the side on this. Mine is lovey dovey, but it was made for my daughter, Stephanie, who just turned 17 on the 19th June so a different kind of love. I don't see my eldest 2 girls very often these days as they live with their dad now, so it was a bit of a sad day for me but I am also very proud of her as she is now doing a hairdressing apprenticeship in a local hairdressers near where she lives. So whenever you like Steph, you can do(practise lol)on your "old" mums hair as long as you don't give me a pink rinse!!!
Anyway enough jabbering and here is my card for my big baby girl.

I hope you'll join in with our challenge this time as we all love coming around and looking at your lovely makes.
Take care
Sam x

Thursday, 24 June 2010

I finally finished it!!!

My hubbys Dr Who scarf that is! I had put it away for ages and forgotten about it, but when I was feeling a little wobbly the other week I dug it back out of the cupboard and I've been on a mission to finish it ever since. I finally ran out of wool/yarn for it so it was done. It's a double rib all the way along it's 6ft length, so it's taken me some time to do with chopping and changing the yarn from side to side (next scarf I do is that fluffy stuff so I can stay in "knit" mode all the way down).
Hopefully it'll keep his little neck warm during the winter on the farm and I hope the pigs don't take a liking to it and try nabbing it for themselves hehehehe.

Okay well I must dash as I have to get my DT make done for this weekend - papers are printed but that is as far as I got what with the football and the scarf.
Take care peeps
Sam x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Please do not adjust your monitor

This week at OSAAT the challenge is enough to do your eyes in. This weeks challenge is "Seeing Double" and we'd like to see anything in twos on your new project.
Mine evolved so many times but this is the final end product. I'll be back later to tell you more about how it came to be. This is from Lil Diva Stamps and is called "Bella Ballerina".

We also have a special sale on at Stitchy Bear Stamps.

I'll be back later sometime.
Sam x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Car boot

Just a few pics - one of my little table and a few more cards that I made and my first attempt at making jewellery. Don't look too hard at my dirty car though hehehe.

Hope you had a fab weekend - apart from the slightly dissappointing footy score and only making £11.50 at the boot sale (it was very slow for everyone - I was happy though coz it's the first time I've actually sold some of my stuff!!)
Take care
Sam x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

New releases over at Stitchy Bear

Good morning one and all. I'm not actually here this morning, I'm at a car boot sale at my local school so I'm actually doing this on Saturday morning - but anyway I digress (nothing unusual there I hear you all cry). Anyway the girls at Stitchy Bear Stamps have all made some fantabulous new releases for us all to play with which are now available. I had my good buddy Janette of Stamping Dragon Designs and her new release is called "Purrfect Love".
It screamed out to me a cat lovers wedding day - not much good if they don't both like cats really hehehe, but this is what I made.

I coloured the image with my promarkers and added a touch of one of my sakura pens on the moon to make it just a little shimmery and on the love heart I added glitter and the put Anitas 3D Gloss over the top. Paper is from a DCWV wedding stack if I remember rightly and the sentiment stamp is from the Docrafts Forever Friends Wedding set.
Might be be back with an update on how the car boot went - if hubby lets me have the lappy that is!
Take care
Sam x 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Got a few more .......

Okay this is most probably all you'll hear from me now until OSAAT goes live tomorrow now. Just got these very quick wedding cards knocked out. For some reason I struggle with wedding cards so I'm reasonably pleased with the way these turned out - might try them in silver next. Anyway here they are and I'd love to know what you think.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.
Sam x

Friday, 11 June 2010

And for the third bus......

hehehe those of you that read my last post or at least i think it was my last post - could have been my first post :) will know what I am on about....well hopefully you will anyway!
Yes I'm back with some more piccies for you of bits that I'm hoping to sell along with a whole load of other cards this Sunday at the schools car boot sale. So no more yapping apart from to say I've used stamps from Clare Curds range, a Forever Friends stamp and a Daisy and Dandelion one too. Oh and there is a candle too - stamp I can't remember who it's from.

Thanks for looking.
Sam x

Sketch challenge over at Stampin with the Dragon

We have a lovely sketch for you to all work with this week over a Stampin with the Dragon .

Anyway, as you can see the sketch is all scallopy and round and could I find a pair of scalloped scissors....NOPE!! So I squared it up but you can still see the sketch in the background. All I changed was the scalloped circle, oh and scooted it over to the side so I could put a sentiment of sorts down the right hand side.

I used "Roxi" from the lovely Lexi of Lexis Creations .
Oh well I hope this has given you a little inspiration for this fortnights challenge - if not, just pretend you never see it lol!
Okay must get ready now as I'm still sitting here in my pjs and my cup of tea has got cold so I need another one. Don't forget I'll be back later with yet more stuff... I think I'm turning into a bus ya know - you don't see me here in blogland for days and then all of a sudden I'm here three times in one day.
Take care now and happy crafting peeps.
Sam x

Mattys PIG Day and a New home

Just a couple of cards that I've been meaning to post for about a week! Mattys PIG day is a play on words - one he was 21 and two he's a pig stockman same as my hubby. I used a teplate from Anna Marie Designs and the background of a sow arc, I drew myself with my charcoal chalky pastel thingys.

I made a few of these New Home cards - they use a freebie digi from Shirleys 2 Girls. The paper is from one of my stash of free CDs.

Okay, well thats me for the minute. I will be back shortly with my DT challenge card over at Stampin with the Dragon and some other makes a little later today.
Take care everyone
Sam x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's raining MEN...or Boys

this week at OSAAT as we really want to see your creations for those fellas in your life. We are sponsored this week by the fabulous Sew Many Challenges and I have used "Morty Fishing" and added a couple of stamps from a Daisy and Dandelion set.

I hope my little card has given you some inspiration for our challenge this week and if you'd like more, you can find it over at our challenge blog - OSAAT.
Hopefully this week I'll be able to get round to comment on all of your fabby creations, but as I was camping for half of last week (then sleeping and cleaning the rest of it) I never had the time.
Thanks for stopping by my little old blog and leaving me some love - I really do appreciate it.
Take care
Sam x