Saturday, 21 August 2010

Four more mobile covers

I'm just waiting on my eldest daughter to decide which one she wants and then the remaining 3 will be added to my stores for sale.

In case any one is wondering, I do take orders, so if you wanted a specific colour, it's no problem. Just give me a bell (more likely to be an email hehehe) and tell me what you want and I get straight onto my good friend ebay if I don't already have the colour you want.
I'm off out to a party tonight, so I'm not sure I'll get much else done now, more's the pity.
Catch you all later - take care
Sam x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back again!!

Evening all. Just another quicky. Just finished this corsage and I'd love some honest feedback for it.

Would you buy one? and how much for? I would make them in colours to order so I wouldn't have a stock of them unless you thought I could get away with doing a batch in a certain colour - say red for example. The basic crochet was really easy and didn't take long, it was the crocheting of the long petal strip into the finished rose shape....although I was getting the hang of it by the third attempt at the end (hehehehe yes it took me several attempts to get it right)
I've made this one in cotton DK, but I do think it looks better in the mohair on the pattern instructions, so I think future makes would be made in that instead.
Okay that's it from me tonight. Catch you all again soon
Sam x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Just a quick one

before I disappear to go and cook dinner. This little beauty (well it's not so little at approximately 5 inches by 14) is my first attempt at filet crochet and I think I can safely say I have got the hang of it now after several mistakes and restarts. Now on the instructions, it says this is a at this size it's for a VERY BIG book. I think I'll mount it somehow and have it as a decoration.

I'll post the link for the pattern later, for any of you that are interested in it.
Take care
Sam x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I have something to show you all

I have been a busy little bee the last few days. Not only have I been making things (piccy in a bit), but I have also set up my shop both on Facebook and now on Folksy. Some of you may remember I tried Folksy when I was doing just cards, but got annoyed as nothing sold. Well things seem to have changed over there now, loads of peeps I know are now selling there too, so with my new love of crochet, I'm hoping to finally get out there. Well baring in mind how long I've been making cards, and no-one has really bought from me (unless you count my M and FIL), I start making these mobile phone covers, and my hand gets snapped off!!!
Anyway links to my other stores are as follows:-
Folksy -
Facebook -
With the Facebook link, that takes you to my page, from there just click on the SHOP NOW tab along the top.

Anyway, my newest makes (which are of course in my shops right now lol). I'm now getting into Christmas mode, so I made some Christmas Danglies available in gold and silver. If I find any other metallic threads, then I'll do them in other colours too.

I'm hoping to come back later with some stash piccies from when I went on holiday. So stay tuned.
Take care everyone
Sam x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hi guys xx

Hi there everyone. Just thought I'd show my face quickly as I haven't been here for a while. I've got a few new lovely buddies over on FB, and they are making the most gorgeous bits and pieces so I thought I'd share their blogs with you all. Now I'd really like it if you could go show them both some love and follow them and I know it would give them a huge boost too, so without further ado here are Abbi and Em.
Em AKA Sweet Cotton Threads is a lively and chirpy 19 year old lass and makes the most fabulous bags, aprons, pin boards, peg bags etc etc

and Abbi AKA All Things and Everything Else makes these gorgeous wedding pomanders. I wish she'd been doing these when I got married - I love them.

Well I've given you a little taste of their work, now if that's made you hungry for more, please do click on the links and show them some love. Oh and I might be back tomorrow with some stash piccies and some of the bits I've been making this week.
Take care now
Sam x