Wednesday, 28 July 2010

WOYWW 28th July 2010

Wow another week gone already. Time flies when you've got new toys hehehe. Anyway nothing has really changed on my table, everything is still pretty much as it was as my card making mojo appears to have gone on holiday (2 weeks ahead of me I hasten to add!!) and no sign of it coming back as of yet. So instead I have pushed everything out of the way so I can fit my new toy in there instead for the time being. Yes it's a little notepad with a disc drive and external hard that is where I sit and yap to my hearts content now without my hubby bugging me for the computer so he can play his games. BLISS!

So my workspace isn't really the table at the moment, it's my newly aquired tub for all my yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing needles (big fat ones for sewing wooly stuff), books and patterns and the stuff that I've already made in a separate little bag. I think after my holiday, I'll have to buy another tub to put my makes in. As you can see, I started to make something else late last night, hopefully I'll have that finished today, but until it is, you'll have to wait to find out what it is for.

I won't be here next week as I'll be in Devon camping, so no Facebook, blog or just yapping for me for a whole week. I think I'll just about cope as I've been promised a trip to Hobbycraft, which is fairly exciting for me as I haven't been to one before....who knows what new hobby I'll come out with hehehehe.
Anyway, I'm off for now, and you'll see my mess again in 2 weeks time (and possibly - nay, definitely - some new stash). Hop on over to Julias place to join in the fun - or just be nosy and see what stash we all have and what is going on this week.
Take care
Sam x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My latest make

Still no card mojo but I finally got this mobile cover finished. I had trouble with the fluffy wool so I had to knit this one instead of crocheting like my other ones.

This little baaaa-uty is now up in my webstore for £4.50 + p&p. These are going to be made to order ... unless of course they prove to be popular and then I'll get a stock of them made so that they can be sent out straight away instead of waiting for me to make them.
Hope you like my latest offering and I'll see you soon.
Take care
Sam x

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Black white and one other over at OSAAT

Good morning peeps. I unfortunately don't have anything to share with you this Sunday as my mojo for cards has sadly gone AWOL, so I have had to make 2 of the hardest decisions of my crafting life. 1 was to step down from Stampin with the Dragon as a DT member and 2 was to leave my beloved OSAAT.
I have been struggling with the card making for a few weeks now but always manged to pull it off, but these last couple of weeks were different. I've got the paper printed, the images printed.......and nothing!!! My mojo refused to show, even to colour!
I know it will come back, I just don't know when and, well I'm not much of a DT co-ordinator if I can't even create an ATC now am I? Now I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish Tammy all the best as she is stepping into my shoes over at OSAAT as co-ordinator of team A, and that OSAAT continues to rise in popularity with Liz and Tammy at the helm of both teams. I will join in as a challenger when the mojo returns - so you don't get rid of me that easily hehehehe.
One more thing - at Stampin with the Dragon, they now have a DT call going on, so if you click on the link you can pick up all the deets and a fab digi too to use on your entry.
Take care now everyone.
Sam - signing out xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Just nabbed this.....

and I think it is me to a T

If you fancy one go and check the new buttons out and you can also see the other buttons available too.
Okay I'm going to have my breakfast now (coz I'm hungry now and wasnt earlier) and see if I can get some Deep heat spray on my back coz it's killing me at the minute.
Ta-ra for now
sam x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

WOYWW 21st July

Ho hum another week done and I didnt get around to clearing off my table. I did make a pile slightly bigger as I wanted to make a couple of boxes yesterday, so what was on my xcut board is now in a pile and my board is covered again, this time with my CC ultimate (you know the one - first one that isn't as good as the new one hehe). Anyway I've given you some different shots this week and shown you inside my "Made" bag and my bag that has all my yarn in that I have aquired in these past few week. Desperately need a box for that stuff, as my dog Bob thinks that he is a cat and insists on playing with anything  that resembles a ball of string.

I have covered the chicken tub though and that is now working as my table top bin and I also have these boxed coasters that I have made this week too.

I doubt if I'll get around to any of you today as hubby is having a half day holiday and will be home by lunchtime so I'll be losing the computer again so he can play at being a farmer (the job he's just come home from early - makes sense eh?!).I'll get round to at least some of you by tomorrow though so happy snooping and why don't you join in the fun over at WOYWW and show us where you craft your gorgeousnesses.
Take care all
Sam x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WOYWW 14th July and my clever little girl

Oh dear my table is really cluttered this week. I need to move everything before I can make any cards. My blue bag has turned into a white one (the blue one had loads of holes in courtesy of my dog Bob who thinks he is a cat and insists on playing with my wooly stuff). You can see all the mobile phone covers I have made to date - and I'm a very happy girl there this morning as I have had my first sale with my store with one of those..thanks hun you know who you are xx! Erm what else is there - oh yeah the chicken tub. I thought that would make an excellent table top bin instead of my bag that lives on the floor, (something else Bob likes to play with) so I need to sort that out at sometime. There is also some afghan/granny squares that I did yesterday for something else yet to be finished, maybe later today....and then there is everything else that is always on my table, getting shoved forever backwards and upwards.

Hmmm, I think I definitely need to clear some space, but don't expect to see it next week though, I'm sure I'll have made some more mess by then hehehehe.

One final thing. My little girl got an award this week in honour of the Reverend Hanniwells late wife Sara, who very sadly passed away early this year for the most improved in cooking. Here is a picture of her with her trophy and her cookbook prize.

I am very proud of her as she finds so many things difficult at school without an awful lot of help from the TAs. She's now insisting on making her dad an omlette this weekend...uh oh lol.
Now then, you've had a nosey at my mess, why don't you show us yours at Julias place, The Stamping Ground - AKA WOYWW
Take care everyone.
Sam x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Now in my store....

some neutral mobile phone covers made from unbleached cotton.

I am thoroughly enjoying making these little nik naks and there are several more different things to come over the coming weeks. Hope you like them as much as I am enjoying making them.
Sam x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Atten-shun! Alright you lovely lot!!! a sergeant major stylee :-)

Good morning you lovely bloggers, the sun is shining and I have a little breeze coming through the window as I get this ready to go live (it's Saturday morning as I write this). Is it hot enough for you all! Blimey, I like the heat but it's such a heavy heat in this country, not like when you go abroad for your hols. Hey ho it's yet another excuse to stay indoors - makes a change from saying "I have to stay in because it's raining cats and dogs outside". Anyway, my slightly odd title is all about this weeks challenge over at OSAAT, which is "Military". Yep it's a bit of a doozy, but I think we all pulled it off. Basically, as long as you give your project a bit of an armed forces feel, whether that be by paper or by your choice of images then it's good to go. Now it doesn't matter what occassion you make it for so just go for it.
Here is my card for your inspiration this week. I've used Stitchys "Letters Home" digi which is available from the Stitchy Bear Stamps store.

I've made some flowers with help from a template  and the paper is from Patternhead and he has quite a few freebies available to download - well worth a look.
Hope you like my card for this weeks challenge, and remember, it's Lizzy B up again next week - ah another week off...I could get used to this heheheehe.
Take care now and I'll be back soon with some more crafty makes.
Sam x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Now available in my webstore

Finished these fresh and funky mobile phone covers this morning and they are now in my store for sale at £4.50 - might also put them on folksy and maybe even my Facebook shop which I havent finished setting up yet.
I would love to get some more of this yarn as it is so soft and silky feeling, but alas it was free from a magazine, so I have no idea what it is but I have a few more ideas going around in my head for some more of these but in a slightly different style -just need to get the wooly stuff now that I want and I can get cracking on with those ideas.
Hope you like them
Sam x

Ready, steady, Cook....oops no that should be craft :-)

Hello and welcome to Ready, Steady, Craft. Hahahaha can you tell the sun's back out over my way at the moment - yes I have gone slightly lala once again. It's challenge time once again over at Stampin with the Dragon and (now my silliness is exposed) it's a recipe challenge. We'd like you to use 3 buttons and a transparency on your project this fortnight.
We are sponsored by Sue of Beary Dust Stamps this time around and I used "Angel Bear" and made the cutest New Baby Boy card. Obviously this could easily be done for a girl too and in my mind it could also be used for those sadder times when someone you know has lost their little angel.
Anyway, onto my card.

As you can see, it will no longer fit into an envelope, so I have to make a box for this one at some point. I hope you like my offering today and that you will join us at SWTD and show us your fab makes.
Take care
sam x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I'm back....

with the cards that were splattered on my table in my earlier WOYWW post, so without further ado here is the card I made for my hubby. This is a download from CUP (CraftsUPrint in case you didn't know - I know what my staich is like for some of these initialed thingys lol x) designed by Julie Green. Now this is meant to be for a little lads birthday but it just looks so much like my James that I couldn't resist (his bike looks like that too but with lots of added mud hehehe). Oh almost forgot, for the background I inked up with my versamark pad, one of my free stamps that I had lying around in my drawer and just stamped randomly here there and everywhere.

This is the other card. The image is by my buddy Stitchy of Stitchy Stamps (which you can buy from the
Stitchy Bear Stamps store) called "Naptime", the little text with scroll is from Lindsays Stamp Stuff and the paper is from a place I found only yesterday, loads of free repeat patterns there for you to nab. Anyway this card has been made for hubbys boss. His better half had their first baby just the other day - I was told her name was Piglet (lol they are pig farmers hehehe) as they couldn't think of anything at the time, I do believe they have changed that to a more regular name now but James had forgotten what it was by the time he came home last night.

Anyway I hope you like these two little offerings for today, I'm now off to finish my DT card for OSAAT before the idea that is in my head dissappears.
Bye for now
Sam x

oh I just realised this second card fits in with the challenge over at The Crafty Pad this week with their challenge of Animal Fun.

WOYWW 7th July 2010

Two reasons why today is very special - 1. it's WOYWW over at Julias blog The Stamping Ground and 2. it's my 4th wedding anniversary today. Anyway no time for mushy stuff ladies (and gents if there are any looking) here is my creativity station this week.

Someone asked about the coke label and was wondering what I was going to do with that - sorry hun it's really's only a pencil case stashed full of yet more pens. Oh and someone else said about the small tube that was sitting to my left (I think lol), thats really boring too - it's a tube I inherited from my nan with some crochet hooks in. I may make it look pretty with a crocheted cover for it yet but we'll see if I get the time hehehe.
I have to finish off the card that you see on my table and make an envelope for it and another one for hubbys card which you can also see sitting there. My paper and image are there for this weeks coming challenge over at OSAAT (I want to get that done too). Anyway enough jabbering for now - I'm going to get these cards done and then I'll be back with those 2 that you see later on when I've done fannying around with them. Then I might get time to visit a few of you later on.
Take care now and I'll be back soon.
Sam x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Just found a fab new blog for all you greenys out there......

I've put a link on my sidebar as well, but it deserves more than just a link!! I checked out a new follower of mine this am (Jan is the ladys name) and she has this as one of her blogs.
Going Green Crafters and Artists -

ggcaa for short .I think it's a fab idea and I'll be going back to check it out and see what fabby ideas I can borrow.
I know as crafters, we do tend to recycle an awful lot of stuff (my hubby looks at me very strangely when I clean off the foil lid from a tub of marg or butter although he is getting used to it now hehehehehe) but this looks to have loads of ideas and I'm thinking already "now why didnt I think of that?"
Ok thats it for me today - didnt get any crafting done yesterday (thats a lie really ... I taught myself how to make an afghan square last night while watching the footy) and I don't think I'll get much done today as 1 I've got to go into town in a bit and 2 I'm helping out at weedyfaces school fete on the "Slat the Rat" stall yayyyyy, and tomorrow I'm being dragged out for what looks like the day (rain rain come back again lol for one day only though).
Right then my lovely peeps I'd best get on just in case I can find some time to craft today.
Take care
Sam x

Friday, 2 July 2010

Prototype Mobile bag

This isn't going to go into my store but further makes may do hence it being called a prototype. I'm just playing with some old yarn that I've got lying around, a nice thin yarn would look better I think and in white or cream.

Obviously it's not a fellas thing - I shew it to my hubby when I'd finished playing last night and he looked like he wanted to burst into fits or laughter, so I said to him "Go on then laugh and say it's s**t then" and all he said was, "well I wouldn't want one". Well baring in mind I never thought in the first place that a fella would want one, I just wanted to give him a slap. Anyway I'll most probably play a bit more on this idea and then I'll show you what I come up with.
Oh and one final picture - of the lovely little model, bless her, my little weedyface and I couldn't resist putting my copyright mark on her although she was made a little bit before 2010 (try 2000) and, no she isn't chewing on a wasp, she didn't like the fact I got her piccy hehehehe mean aint I?

Well that's me for now, but I may be back if I get something else made in a while.
Take care now
Sam x

Independence day - with a twist......

Janette from Stamping Dragon Designs gave all on her DT this lovely little dragon holding the American flag called "Independence Day". Now me being me and being very English and therefore not very American, had to put a twist on it didn't I.

It's not apparent from the outside what the twist is, only the inside text gives it away......

Yep I made it into a "congratulations on your divorce" card. I'm really chuffed with myself for thinking of that as my brain has been in melt down lately and on strike. Making cards was a chore! Feeling a lot more relaxed in the last few days. Now I just have to catch up with stuff.
I coloured this image with pencils as sometimes I don't think I can pull it off with the promarkers (need the brights lol )and I think it turned out ok.
Anyway, I have loads more images coloured, so I'm hoping to get those made today but knowing my luck I'll get distracted or have to do something else like the dreaded housework.
Take care
Sam x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fab new blog out there for you Tilda enthusiasts

The ever busy Susie from Die Cut Dreams has started up a new challenge blog. I shan't be taking part as of yet, purely coz I don't have any of the Tildas :(
I do aim to rectify this ASAP but it deserves shouting about as so many of you do have them.

Starts with #1 ....1st July, #2 ....1st Aug and then every 2 weeks. You never know I may have invested in some by the time it goes fortnightly.
Take care peeps
Sam x