Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I've got an award

It's been ages since I got an award from anyone but I got this lovely little one from Tracey at a href="">Crafty Corner.

Now I have to give this little beauty to 12 bloggers......hmmmm thinking cap on......okay that seems to have worked so here are my 12 worthy bloggers.
1. Kate
2. June
3. Jennifer
4. Kim
5. Elaine
6. Andrea
7. Clare
8. Lucy
9. Pat
10. Ginny
11. Paula
12. Jay

Please pop along and check out these ladies blogs. They are all very talented and some of them could do with some love due to being ill, and unfortunately I'm a bad blogging buddy and don't get round to them as often as I should or I'd like.
I have another post to do now for something completely different, so I'll be back soon.
Take care
Sam x


  1. Awww congrats on your award hun.... & thank you so much for passing it on to me too xx Clare x

  2. Oh! Sam you are so kind, It's my birthday today what a bonus present. Thank you

    Pat xxx

  3. thanks for thinking of me :0x

  4. you are so very kind to think of me with this adorable blog award! thank you so much! :)


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