Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sorry I'm not about much.....

It's another damp wet morning here in East Anglia. I'm moving all the stuff I got packed up yesterday this morning and then I'll be getting another load ready to take after work. It's a lot of work at the minute and not much play time but having my own little room for all my stuff and the fact that I can make as much mess as I can handle is going to be more than worth it. Can you imagine the WOYWW pics then hehehehe?!
I keep leaving my wooly stuff here in the hope that I'll get something done in the evening, but so far I've been pooped after doing dinner during the week. Although saying that, I did get some little fingerless gloves made at the weekend to help keep my hands warm while crafting /crocheting.

If I make another pair for myself I'm going to tweek the pattern as the picot edge on the finger ends is soooooo annoying as it keeps folding over but hey ho, you live and learn.
Okay, well as I'm not getting much else done crafty wise and from the looks of it, aren't likely to, I'll keep you posted as to what I'm doing with the move each day....if I remember that is lol.
Right well peeps, you take care and have a lovely day
Sam x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


to all the ladies that left me comments last week from WOYWW, I was trying to get an order done and then my lovely hubby, as tolerant as he is, snapped!!! and demanded that I spend some time with him and not sitting down with a crochet hook in my hand or in front of the computer. So I do apologise and I will try to come and see you all this week even though I'm not participatingthis week.

Right I must go, it's time for work rest for the wicked - I must have been one evil b***h in a previous life hehehe
Take care now and I'll be back soon

Sam x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

WOYWW 15th September

Holy cow batman - is it really that long since I've managed to squeeze in WOYWW?!! Crumbs, really I hadnt realised it had been that long since I was snooping round peeps desks and letting you do the same.
Well in my defence a lot has been going on. I've been crocheting like a mad person - ok like the mad person I am - as my good buddy Clare wanted me to make this cardi for her from a pattern in the Womans weekly. That is now complete even though I did have a wobble right at the very end as I doubted my ability to be able to sew it up! But after putting pics up of the completed cardi, another friend said that she wanted one in black so a great big bonus and a large smile on my face.

You can most probably see the latest order that I'm working on (another pink baby blanket), a beanie style hat that I made yesterday,

general mess from making hubbys cards the other day (I just can't do tidy whatever I do) oh and the last shot is of my wool tub plus several bags of wool/yarn. I've also got some more in the spare bedroom that I found in the loft from when I bought my (sadly neglected) knitting machine.
Also, last week, I started my new job of "Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant" otherwise known to you and me as a dinnerlady. So my day is well and truly broken up now, and to add to the changes, we are moving next month too so I may go a bit quiet again.
Anyway, I'm here this week and will do my best to get around to some of you but alas I dont seem to have as much time with the work thing going on but I'll try.
Now I'll link this as soon as Miss Julia has posted, so if you feel like joining in and showing us your crafty mess or tidyness (I know there are some of you out there) please pop over to The Stamping Ground AKA WOYWW.
Take care now and I hope to see some of you guys later
Sam xx

Monday, 13 September 2010

Clares Cardi

Clares Cardi
Originally uploaded by Yammas Cards and Crafts
Hi all, trying to post this via my Flickr account so it may look a little weird lol :)
Anyway this is Clare's cardi finally finished in all it's glory. I am so pleased with it, and I think Clare is too.
It's made in 4ply cotton and the pattern was in the Womans Weekly mag on the 17th August and baring in mind I had literally only just started then, i don't think I've done too bad.
I've also learnt to have more belief in my abilities after this as I didn't think I was gonna be able to sew it up at one point.
Anyway, I hope you like it and this posts ok.
Take care peeps
Sam x

Since posting this yesterday, I have had a request to make this for another friend. I could be busy for some time to

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Crafts U Print pics and a baby hat ......

Hi all, I know it's ages yet again since I've blogged. I just keep getting carried away with the old crochet hehehe. Anyway, it's hubbys birthday tomorrow so I popped over to CraftsUPrint and bought a few downloads from Helen Williams - - here's her own website too

I made a total of 3 cards, my first in ages, but thanks to Helens fab graphics and subject matter I found it a doddle.

And lastly but not least, a little bit of crochet for you. It's a lovely cute little beanie style hat with a flower as a decoration just on the side.

I'll make these in any colour and without the flower too, that way it's suitable for a little boy as well. If you are interested in ordering anything that you've seen me feature on my blog, just gimme a shout on

Catch ya later peeps
Sam xxx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sorry peeps

I've been getting a little carried away with my new hobby of crochet and neglecting my little old blog, so i thought I'd better pop in and show you the baby blanket that I've just completed.

This is a custom order for a friend on Facebook and it's finished size is approximately 36 x 37 inches. It's been done in an iris stitch for those of you that do crochet. I'm also making a cardi for my mate Clare. You can see the WIP pics on my Facebook page for that, but for those of you that don't do Facebook, I will put a pic up when I have completed it.

Anyway, I hope you like the blanket and if anyone else wants one, just gimme a shout :)

Take care all
Sam x