Monday, 28 February 2011

Back to work...

for a rest! I ended up having a busy week in a completely different way to what I had planned. Although I did get some crafty bits made, it wasnt half as much as I wanted to get done, but the garden is looking a lot better now and once hubby has hung the gates, we can finally let the dogs out into the garden without them being on their leads or a guard (normally me!) so big yay!!! on that front.
I am that tired today though because I didnt sleep very well last night so I haven't been able to craft this evening as much as I tried, my eyes just will not focus and keep on watering. I can safely say I'm looking forward to bed :-)
Well as I didnt get any crafting done, I thought I should update a bit more of my website instead. It's slowly taking shape and if anyone see's anything that they like there, they can order it by using the contact tab. That way people can have things made in their own choice of colour, design, fabric (if it's a crocheted item) etc - I hope that makes sense as I'm feeling increasingly more dozy as the minutes tick by lol.
Anyway I just wanted to pop by quick tonight and say a big "Hello" to my new likers and wave at some old friends that have just found my blog too.
Night night all - back soon
Sam x

Friday, 25 February 2011

My newest project(s) ♥

Yes, after much faffing around with my new toy the dremel and getting a table top vice/clampy thingy, I have come up with a new item that will eventually be for sale in my Folksy shop .... well when I figure out a price for it that is :-)

I've also got another crocheted hairgrip for you and a much better shot of my lacy scarf with my newest acquisition - the mannequin!

I hope you like all my newest bits and give me plenty of feedback on all of these bits and pieces, as by jove! I need it lol.
Anyway, that's it from me tonight, as it's nearly tomorrow now so I really ought to go and see if my hubby is still awake downstairs.
Night night
Sam x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Look at me - I'm on a roll !!

Just as well I'm sitting down or I may just fall down, hehehe. Back again with TWO new makes! Well in truth, I've had the absolutely gigantic black flower made up for a while now but just needed the inspiration on what it should become and my eldest daughter provided me with just the ticket while she was over last weekend. All she did was hold it up to her head in such a way so that my little brain automatically thought "HEADBAND". So I popped over to Ebay and got a few, just a few as I need some feedback first on whether anyone would actually be interested in buying them and at what sort of price too.
Anyway as usual I digress. The other make is a gorgeous little variegated crocheted purple flower mounted on a hairgrip. Still to come are pink variegated, yellow, white, plain pink and black. Going to get at least one of the other colours made tonight/ tomorrow (I hadn't realised it was 10pm already lol), anyway I'll see how time goes and how far I get as I'm getting a lot quicker at these fiddly little so and so's :-)
Oh yeah pictures - here they come....

Okay well that's me done for another night here anyways, so I'll leave you with these piccies and catch you whenever I have some more bits to show you.
Ta-ra for now and take care
Sam x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Well - what can I say.....

I'll tell you what, I won't say much at all and I'll let the piccies do the talking....but one thing I will say is that my list is working!!!

If you don't know what I'm on about "a list", I decided to utilise one of my notepads to write down all the things that were going round in my head and therefore stopping me from actually making anything, because I didn't know what to do first. Well day one of my list and 3 cards later and a flower that I'd made turned into a gorgeous brooch.....what more could a girl want - well maybe a few more hours to get some more stuff made maybe :-)
Laters peeps
Take care
Sam x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Evening all ♥

I hope I find you all well. Just thought that I'd share this lacy scarf and cream flower with you all tonight.

I'm going to get myself a tailors dummy so that I can display these scarves and stoles off to their full potential as a crummy old coat hanger really doesn't do it for me:(

I also popped into town and bought myself a couple more teeny tiny little hooks and of course some more thread too :-)
Keep watching this space as I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment and this most beautiful purple yarn is just staring at me, begging to be made into something. Unfortunately my hubby keeps distracting me out in the garden, wanting me to help. Today I was glad to - he wanted me to man the fire! Yup, crafting, wanton distruction and fire - I love them all!!
Right, well that's it from me for the moment so I'll catch you all later with some more goodies.
Sam xx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

New bits

Hi peeps. Got some new bits for you to look at.
I'm in a crafting frenzy at the mo as I've got my first crafty event coming up in April on the 23rd, which not only is Easter but St Georges day for us English bodies :-)
These are the same pattern/design but very different sizes. This black beast is a whopping 15cms and I'm not sure if I should put a barrette on it or a pin badge, or even a hairband......

Now these little matching hairclips are just 6 cms in size and I'm going to also do these in blue and lilac. Love to know what you think of these little babies and if you think they will sell as I don't want to make too many and have loads of them to try and get rid of after the event :-)

I'm also working on a lacy scarf - hopefully I'll have pics of that soon too.
Well that's it from me for now.
Back soon
Sam x

Friday, 11 February 2011


I've just booked my first ever stall at a crafting event!!!!!! I have now got to pull my fingers out and craft like a mad woman ("no problem" I hear my husband shout from downstairs lol ) as I have until April 22nd to get some bits made and ready to go as it's on the 23rd (St Georges Day).
Hopefully it should be a lot easier to craft up here now as hubby just bought me some shelves, so I was assembling those last night, filling them all up and reorganising my stash. I can now lay my hands on most of my things now.

I do have a little more tidying up to do as you can see, but most of the stuff that needs putting away is hiding behind the door on top of my filing cabinet.
Hmmmm.............some corner shelves wouldn't go amiss near the window....... :-)
Anyway, this is happening in Thetford in the Guildhall if you happen to be in the area on the 23rd. I'd love to meet you if you are, so don't be shy coz I really don't bite.
Take care everyone
Sam x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The wedding invites have finally gone.......

and I am a little sad to see them go if I'm honest. I knew I was going to enjoy making them as they were for my beautiful cousins wedding in May this year, but I really did enjoy making batch cards - something I've not really done before as I've nearly always done one offs, you know - unique jobbys. I'm now thinking that I'd like to do more wedding stationery....but I'll show you the picture of Jenny and Rafes invites and let you help me in my decision if you would

Just in case you can't tell from these appaling pictures, the card stock is pearlescent pale blue and the ribbon and embossing powder that I've used are both silver :-) So please let me know what you think honestly and whether I should add it to my items that I will make to order.
Thanks and nighty night
Sam x