Monday, 6 December 2010

Update on James

Well, we're back from the hospital and he's been signed off for another 6 weeks but he has to have an MRI scan before his next hospital appointment (oh goody goody) as they're unsure as to why his shoulder isn't getting better yet. So he has to have this scan to see if it is healing in the wrong position and if it is he'll have to have it re-dislocated and put back in again or have it pinned, so either way it will be an op of some kind and then more time off for it to heal.
So, no real answers until the MRI scan results, but we do know it'll be quite a few more weeks of him being bored at home.
Thanks for all your well wishes peeps and I'll update you again when we know anything. Oh and when I've finished my cousins wedding stationery I'll put up some piccies of them too.
Take care now bodies
Sam xx

Saturday, 4 December 2010


I think the title really says everything. Well since hubby dislocated his shoulder the day before my birthday, things haven't really got any better. Sure, he can now get dressed and get in and out of the bath without help, but that is as far as it goes. He's still in an awful lot of pain and I am technically stronger than he is now, so I'm still doing all the heavy stuff but that isn't doing my knees any favours.
I've just had an x-ray on the right knee as that's the worst one, painkillers are helping me manage the pain day to day, so that's good even though they are still hurting. Just got to wait for the doctors to let me know when the results are in and if there is anything obvious.
I've also shut down my online stores for the moment, as I haven't got any time to do anything if anyone did want anything. Yes I could manage small things, but I have my cousins wedding stationery to do first, so I'm just going to disappear until the New Year and see how things go.
On Monday hubby has an appointment at the hospital, so I think quite a few questions will be asked, so if I get a chance I'll post an update if any of his questions get answered.
Oh well, enough moaning for now I think. Take care in this weather peeps and with any luck I'll be back soon.
Sam xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hello's me!

I have just realised that I haven't been here for just over a month!! Well we are all moved into the new house, well it's an old house really but new to us if you get what I mean. I have a lovely craft room and here's some piccies for you so you can have a bit of a nose around.

I took these photos a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately I've not really had a chance to get it all lovely and messy yet as hubby had an accident at work 2 weeks ago and dislocated his shoulder quite badly and I'm being nursemaid as well as doing everything else that a housewife and mum has to do.
I have just received some lovely shiny new crochet hooks which I bought from ebay and I'm going to test one of them out in a little while, as I am getting a bit of time to do my buddys order of a black cardi, which is the same as the white one I made for the lovely Clare AKA Thread-bare.
With any luck I'll start getting back into my usual routine soon as hubbys arm is now permitting him to play on the X box (which he was recommended to do, so I dont mind at all - he's out of my way and not dinging his bell for a fag or a drink every 5 minutes hehehe) and I'll have some pics of bits I'm making or have made to share with you once again.
Take care all
Sam x

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Giveaway gloves!

Morning peeps. Another quicky from me. Just wanted to show you all these fingerless gloves that I finished yesterday for the giveaway on my Facebook page as I reached the 250 mark the other day with a bit of help from my friend Andy Simon of Darkslide Photography (
Anyway here are the gloves. I jiggled with the original pattern a bit and I think they are a lot better now for it.

Oh well, onwards I go. Nearly all moved now bar the big stuff - YIPEEE!! and then I'll have my very own craft room....after I've sorted it all out anyway hehehehe.
Take care now and I'll try and get back soon.
Sam x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sorry I'm not about much.....

It's another damp wet morning here in East Anglia. I'm moving all the stuff I got packed up yesterday this morning and then I'll be getting another load ready to take after work. It's a lot of work at the minute and not much play time but having my own little room for all my stuff and the fact that I can make as much mess as I can handle is going to be more than worth it. Can you imagine the WOYWW pics then hehehehe?!
I keep leaving my wooly stuff here in the hope that I'll get something done in the evening, but so far I've been pooped after doing dinner during the week. Although saying that, I did get some little fingerless gloves made at the weekend to help keep my hands warm while crafting /crocheting.

If I make another pair for myself I'm going to tweek the pattern as the picot edge on the finger ends is soooooo annoying as it keeps folding over but hey ho, you live and learn.
Okay, well as I'm not getting much else done crafty wise and from the looks of it, aren't likely to, I'll keep you posted as to what I'm doing with the move each day....if I remember that is lol.
Right well peeps, you take care and have a lovely day
Sam x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


to all the ladies that left me comments last week from WOYWW, I was trying to get an order done and then my lovely hubby, as tolerant as he is, snapped!!! and demanded that I spend some time with him and not sitting down with a crochet hook in my hand or in front of the computer. So I do apologise and I will try to come and see you all this week even though I'm not participatingthis week.

Right I must go, it's time for work rest for the wicked - I must have been one evil b***h in a previous life hehehe
Take care now and I'll be back soon

Sam x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

WOYWW 15th September

Holy cow batman - is it really that long since I've managed to squeeze in WOYWW?!! Crumbs, really I hadnt realised it had been that long since I was snooping round peeps desks and letting you do the same.
Well in my defence a lot has been going on. I've been crocheting like a mad person - ok like the mad person I am - as my good buddy Clare wanted me to make this cardi for her from a pattern in the Womans weekly. That is now complete even though I did have a wobble right at the very end as I doubted my ability to be able to sew it up! But after putting pics up of the completed cardi, another friend said that she wanted one in black so a great big bonus and a large smile on my face.

You can most probably see the latest order that I'm working on (another pink baby blanket), a beanie style hat that I made yesterday,

general mess from making hubbys cards the other day (I just can't do tidy whatever I do) oh and the last shot is of my wool tub plus several bags of wool/yarn. I've also got some more in the spare bedroom that I found in the loft from when I bought my (sadly neglected) knitting machine.
Also, last week, I started my new job of "Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant" otherwise known to you and me as a dinnerlady. So my day is well and truly broken up now, and to add to the changes, we are moving next month too so I may go a bit quiet again.
Anyway, I'm here this week and will do my best to get around to some of you but alas I dont seem to have as much time with the work thing going on but I'll try.
Now I'll link this as soon as Miss Julia has posted, so if you feel like joining in and showing us your crafty mess or tidyness (I know there are some of you out there) please pop over to The Stamping Ground AKA WOYWW.
Take care now and I hope to see some of you guys later
Sam xx

Monday, 13 September 2010

Clares Cardi

Clares Cardi
Originally uploaded by Yammas Cards and Crafts
Hi all, trying to post this via my Flickr account so it may look a little weird lol :)
Anyway this is Clare's cardi finally finished in all it's glory. I am so pleased with it, and I think Clare is too.
It's made in 4ply cotton and the pattern was in the Womans Weekly mag on the 17th August and baring in mind I had literally only just started then, i don't think I've done too bad.
I've also learnt to have more belief in my abilities after this as I didn't think I was gonna be able to sew it up at one point.
Anyway, I hope you like it and this posts ok.
Take care peeps
Sam x

Since posting this yesterday, I have had a request to make this for another friend. I could be busy for some time to

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Crafts U Print pics and a baby hat ......

Hi all, I know it's ages yet again since I've blogged. I just keep getting carried away with the old crochet hehehe. Anyway, it's hubbys birthday tomorrow so I popped over to CraftsUPrint and bought a few downloads from Helen Williams - - here's her own website too

I made a total of 3 cards, my first in ages, but thanks to Helens fab graphics and subject matter I found it a doddle.

And lastly but not least, a little bit of crochet for you. It's a lovely cute little beanie style hat with a flower as a decoration just on the side.

I'll make these in any colour and without the flower too, that way it's suitable for a little boy as well. If you are interested in ordering anything that you've seen me feature on my blog, just gimme a shout on

Catch ya later peeps
Sam xxx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sorry peeps

I've been getting a little carried away with my new hobby of crochet and neglecting my little old blog, so i thought I'd better pop in and show you the baby blanket that I've just completed.

This is a custom order for a friend on Facebook and it's finished size is approximately 36 x 37 inches. It's been done in an iris stitch for those of you that do crochet. I'm also making a cardi for my mate Clare. You can see the WIP pics on my Facebook page for that, but for those of you that don't do Facebook, I will put a pic up when I have completed it.

Anyway, I hope you like the blanket and if anyone else wants one, just gimme a shout :)

Take care all
Sam x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Four more mobile covers

I'm just waiting on my eldest daughter to decide which one she wants and then the remaining 3 will be added to my stores for sale.

In case any one is wondering, I do take orders, so if you wanted a specific colour, it's no problem. Just give me a bell (more likely to be an email hehehe) and tell me what you want and I get straight onto my good friend ebay if I don't already have the colour you want.
I'm off out to a party tonight, so I'm not sure I'll get much else done now, more's the pity.
Catch you all later - take care
Sam x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back again!!

Evening all. Just another quicky. Just finished this corsage and I'd love some honest feedback for it.

Would you buy one? and how much for? I would make them in colours to order so I wouldn't have a stock of them unless you thought I could get away with doing a batch in a certain colour - say red for example. The basic crochet was really easy and didn't take long, it was the crocheting of the long petal strip into the finished rose shape....although I was getting the hang of it by the third attempt at the end (hehehehe yes it took me several attempts to get it right)
I've made this one in cotton DK, but I do think it looks better in the mohair on the pattern instructions, so I think future makes would be made in that instead.
Okay that's it from me tonight. Catch you all again soon
Sam x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Just a quick one

before I disappear to go and cook dinner. This little beauty (well it's not so little at approximately 5 inches by 14) is my first attempt at filet crochet and I think I can safely say I have got the hang of it now after several mistakes and restarts. Now on the instructions, it says this is a at this size it's for a VERY BIG book. I think I'll mount it somehow and have it as a decoration.

I'll post the link for the pattern later, for any of you that are interested in it.
Take care
Sam x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I have something to show you all

I have been a busy little bee the last few days. Not only have I been making things (piccy in a bit), but I have also set up my shop both on Facebook and now on Folksy. Some of you may remember I tried Folksy when I was doing just cards, but got annoyed as nothing sold. Well things seem to have changed over there now, loads of peeps I know are now selling there too, so with my new love of crochet, I'm hoping to finally get out there. Well baring in mind how long I've been making cards, and no-one has really bought from me (unless you count my M and FIL), I start making these mobile phone covers, and my hand gets snapped off!!!
Anyway links to my other stores are as follows:-
Folksy -
Facebook -
With the Facebook link, that takes you to my page, from there just click on the SHOP NOW tab along the top.

Anyway, my newest makes (which are of course in my shops right now lol). I'm now getting into Christmas mode, so I made some Christmas Danglies available in gold and silver. If I find any other metallic threads, then I'll do them in other colours too.

I'm hoping to come back later with some stash piccies from when I went on holiday. So stay tuned.
Take care everyone
Sam x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hi guys xx

Hi there everyone. Just thought I'd show my face quickly as I haven't been here for a while. I've got a few new lovely buddies over on FB, and they are making the most gorgeous bits and pieces so I thought I'd share their blogs with you all. Now I'd really like it if you could go show them both some love and follow them and I know it would give them a huge boost too, so without further ado here are Abbi and Em.
Em AKA Sweet Cotton Threads is a lively and chirpy 19 year old lass and makes the most fabulous bags, aprons, pin boards, peg bags etc etc

and Abbi AKA All Things and Everything Else makes these gorgeous wedding pomanders. I wish she'd been doing these when I got married - I love them.

Well I've given you a little taste of their work, now if that's made you hungry for more, please do click on the links and show them some love. Oh and I might be back tomorrow with some stash piccies and some of the bits I've been making this week.
Take care now
Sam x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

WOYWW 28th July 2010

Wow another week gone already. Time flies when you've got new toys hehehe. Anyway nothing has really changed on my table, everything is still pretty much as it was as my card making mojo appears to have gone on holiday (2 weeks ahead of me I hasten to add!!) and no sign of it coming back as of yet. So instead I have pushed everything out of the way so I can fit my new toy in there instead for the time being. Yes it's a little notepad with a disc drive and external hard that is where I sit and yap to my hearts content now without my hubby bugging me for the computer so he can play his games. BLISS!

So my workspace isn't really the table at the moment, it's my newly aquired tub for all my yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing needles (big fat ones for sewing wooly stuff), books and patterns and the stuff that I've already made in a separate little bag. I think after my holiday, I'll have to buy another tub to put my makes in. As you can see, I started to make something else late last night, hopefully I'll have that finished today, but until it is, you'll have to wait to find out what it is for.

I won't be here next week as I'll be in Devon camping, so no Facebook, blog or just yapping for me for a whole week. I think I'll just about cope as I've been promised a trip to Hobbycraft, which is fairly exciting for me as I haven't been to one before....who knows what new hobby I'll come out with hehehehe.
Anyway, I'm off for now, and you'll see my mess again in 2 weeks time (and possibly - nay, definitely - some new stash). Hop on over to Julias place to join in the fun - or just be nosy and see what stash we all have and what is going on this week.
Take care
Sam x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My latest make

Still no card mojo but I finally got this mobile cover finished. I had trouble with the fluffy wool so I had to knit this one instead of crocheting like my other ones.

This little baaaa-uty is now up in my webstore for £4.50 + p&p. These are going to be made to order ... unless of course they prove to be popular and then I'll get a stock of them made so that they can be sent out straight away instead of waiting for me to make them.
Hope you like my latest offering and I'll see you soon.
Take care
Sam x

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Black white and one other over at OSAAT

Good morning peeps. I unfortunately don't have anything to share with you this Sunday as my mojo for cards has sadly gone AWOL, so I have had to make 2 of the hardest decisions of my crafting life. 1 was to step down from Stampin with the Dragon as a DT member and 2 was to leave my beloved OSAAT.
I have been struggling with the card making for a few weeks now but always manged to pull it off, but these last couple of weeks were different. I've got the paper printed, the images printed.......and nothing!!! My mojo refused to show, even to colour!
I know it will come back, I just don't know when and, well I'm not much of a DT co-ordinator if I can't even create an ATC now am I? Now I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish Tammy all the best as she is stepping into my shoes over at OSAAT as co-ordinator of team A, and that OSAAT continues to rise in popularity with Liz and Tammy at the helm of both teams. I will join in as a challenger when the mojo returns - so you don't get rid of me that easily hehehehe.
One more thing - at Stampin with the Dragon, they now have a DT call going on, so if you click on the link you can pick up all the deets and a fab digi too to use on your entry.
Take care now everyone.
Sam - signing out xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Just nabbed this.....

and I think it is me to a T

If you fancy one go and check the new buttons out and you can also see the other buttons available too.
Okay I'm going to have my breakfast now (coz I'm hungry now and wasnt earlier) and see if I can get some Deep heat spray on my back coz it's killing me at the minute.
Ta-ra for now
sam x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

WOYWW 21st July

Ho hum another week done and I didnt get around to clearing off my table. I did make a pile slightly bigger as I wanted to make a couple of boxes yesterday, so what was on my xcut board is now in a pile and my board is covered again, this time with my CC ultimate (you know the one - first one that isn't as good as the new one hehe). Anyway I've given you some different shots this week and shown you inside my "Made" bag and my bag that has all my yarn in that I have aquired in these past few week. Desperately need a box for that stuff, as my dog Bob thinks that he is a cat and insists on playing with anything  that resembles a ball of string.

I have covered the chicken tub though and that is now working as my table top bin and I also have these boxed coasters that I have made this week too.

I doubt if I'll get around to any of you today as hubby is having a half day holiday and will be home by lunchtime so I'll be losing the computer again so he can play at being a farmer (the job he's just come home from early - makes sense eh?!).I'll get round to at least some of you by tomorrow though so happy snooping and why don't you join in the fun over at WOYWW and show us where you craft your gorgeousnesses.
Take care all
Sam x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WOYWW 14th July and my clever little girl

Oh dear my table is really cluttered this week. I need to move everything before I can make any cards. My blue bag has turned into a white one (the blue one had loads of holes in courtesy of my dog Bob who thinks he is a cat and insists on playing with my wooly stuff). You can see all the mobile phone covers I have made to date - and I'm a very happy girl there this morning as I have had my first sale with my store with one of those..thanks hun you know who you are xx! Erm what else is there - oh yeah the chicken tub. I thought that would make an excellent table top bin instead of my bag that lives on the floor, (something else Bob likes to play with) so I need to sort that out at sometime. There is also some afghan/granny squares that I did yesterday for something else yet to be finished, maybe later today....and then there is everything else that is always on my table, getting shoved forever backwards and upwards.

Hmmm, I think I definitely need to clear some space, but don't expect to see it next week though, I'm sure I'll have made some more mess by then hehehehe.

One final thing. My little girl got an award this week in honour of the Reverend Hanniwells late wife Sara, who very sadly passed away early this year for the most improved in cooking. Here is a picture of her with her trophy and her cookbook prize.

I am very proud of her as she finds so many things difficult at school without an awful lot of help from the TAs. She's now insisting on making her dad an omlette this weekend...uh oh lol.
Now then, you've had a nosey at my mess, why don't you show us yours at Julias place, The Stamping Ground - AKA WOYWW
Take care everyone.
Sam x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Now in my store....

some neutral mobile phone covers made from unbleached cotton.

I am thoroughly enjoying making these little nik naks and there are several more different things to come over the coming weeks. Hope you like them as much as I am enjoying making them.
Sam x