Thursday, 18 March 2010

Crikey....whats going on here then???

Can you believe it - I've got another card for you guys. This time it's a card for my little brother who finally passed his driving test the other day. I haven't got any cars in my stash of stamps (digi or rubber) apart from one that is like a F1 car - not really appropriate I don't think.
So I had to improvise. I ended up being really brave with myself and doodling the whole thing - I'm not really brave coz I did it in pencil first but the essence of it is an L plate being ripped up. Then I found a doodle type font on my computer called Ebba (I think I might use this again as I really like it), and wrote the 2 sentiments and printed them onto gloss photo card (too thick for paper), then cut them out and doodled round the edges.
Viola - the finished item.

Right I really must get on with dinner and getting the washing in off the line, so I'll catch all you lovely peeps lalter on.
Take care
Sam x


  1. oh hun this is fab you always come up with things that are so creative and such bril idea too,congratulations on your brother passing his test too hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. so creative and a great idea, congrats for your brother

  3. Well done, Sam - it's truly creative and very oiginal. Looks fantastic!
    Olga x

  4. Te he Sorry Sam never saw this one before its your usual brill at thinking up ideas Fab Sam

    Liz xx


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