Monday, 28 March 2011

Just finished these off....

Well actually there are another two pairs of the variegated colour, but this is just a quick shot so my FB buddy can choose which colour she likes the best for her order. The proper pictures will be taken tomorrow when they are dry and on their display cards, which of course I will share with you all.

So, which do you prefer? Solid colour or the variegated. I like them both equally and think I'll make myself a pair in each colour (I've already nabbed myself a pink pair that I didnt show you all yesterday as I deemed them substandard)
Anyway, it's just a short one tonight as I think I'll now go downstairs and spend some time with my hubby...and maybe some knitting needles hehehehe
Night all and take care
Sam x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'm back after a BAD week

And it was a very bad week I hasten to add. Last Sunday I was told I had pharyngitus and that all I could do was take my painkillers along with some soluble aspirin and that as long as I drank I'd be okay. Well baring in mind it was killing me to swallow in the first place I wasn't amused at this diagnosis. Then on Monday I heard that my Farf (my grandad) had died the previous Wednesday and that the funeral was to be on the Thursday. Well with this emotional pain, as well as the pain in my throat that would not go away and took my voice with it, I really did not feel like crafting at all. I did start and finish a chunky lacy scarf though saying that - picture to follow.
Anyway, after the trauma of Thursday, I suddenly felt that I needed and wanted to craft once again so I have made several pairs of crocheted earrings and finished off loads of brooches that needed finishing (well obviously lol). I also made some cards to display said earrings and brooches off.

Expect to see some cards soon as well as I've got a load printed off and ready to be made up. Anyway, I'm going back to work tomorrow even though I'm not 100% (I'm only about 60% if I'm honest), but I have to take the 2 purple brooches into work as they were orders from my work buddies.
Take care everyone, I'm going to go and drink some more water (cools my throat and makes it feel better) and have a bath. See you all later....
Sam x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lots to show but no time to yap.....

so I'll say only what needs to be said today. First off, my garden is completely enclosed now so it's just a case of doing a bit of tidying up out there - so YAY for that. And secondly, I've actually made some flaming cards, something I havent done in absolutely ages so I'm going to shut up now and just show you all the pics with the details underneath.

Download from CUP by Carol Ann Clarke
Download from CUP by Helen Williams

 Download from CUP by Tina Fitch

 Download from CUP by Sue Way

Oh and just in case you thought I'd left the crochet behind.....

Hope you like all my makes, and I hope you go show some love to the CUP designers where all my downloads came from.
Ooo!! Just remembered there is another card on it's way so keep your eyes peeled :-)
Nighty night
 Sam x