Sunday, 8 November 2009

New Award

Well firstly,I think I've taken the right award and I thank Liz for it so much and congrat on your latest DT position hun. Apparently I have to answer about 6 million questions so here goes
1 Where is you cell phone - I think it's still in the bedroom
2 Hair - dragged through hedge backwards comes to mind
3 Mother - 7 miles down the road
4 Father - ditto
5 What is you favourite food - sweets/anything sweet/curry/kebab/ in general
6 Dream last night - None
7 Favourite drink - tea/coffee/cider/Baileys
8 Your dream goal - to be happy
9 What room are you in? - Lounge
10 Your hobby - Mainly papercrafts/making cards
11 Your fear - Spiders
12 Where do you want to live in 6 years time? - Olde worlde house with open fire
13 Where were you last night? At home
14 Something that you aren't - sensible
15 Muffins - they're food aren't they????
16 Wishlist item - own craft shop
17 Where did you grow up? London init?!
18 Last thing you did - Bottle of cheap Baileys
19 What are you wearing - T shirt and jog bottoms
20 Your TV - on
21 Your pets - Dogs/cats and a snake
22 Your friends - James(my hubby) and all my blogging and forum buddies
23 Your life - as busy as I make it
24 Your mood - slightly tipsy
25 Missing someone - No you're all at the end of a computer ( how sad is that hehehe)
26 Vehicle - Saab 93 Vauxhall Frontera
27 Something you're not wearing - deodorant had a bath earlier
28 Your favourite store - any where with craft stuff in it!!!
29 Your favourite colour - Purple
30 Last time you laughed - Today
31 Last time you cried - today
32 Your best friend - My hubby
33 One place you go to over and over - laptop!
34 One person who emails you regularly - Stitchy/Cheryl/ Liz
35 Favourite place to eat - Anywhere where I don't have to cook
36 Facebook - no not yet! I am on Twitter though
Apparently I have have to give this to 5 others. I'll have a think and post the lucky recipients tomorrow morning.
Thanks again Liz honey - you do like to give my brain a work out every now and then don't you!
Take care all
Sam x
Okay here's goes
and lastly
and all because I don't think you have enough to do already hehehehehe
Enjoy Girls
Sam x


  1. I do I do and never laughed so much in all me life ya tipsy thing! It was MY turn last night lol...yea birds of a feather and all that:)

    Liz xx

  2. Congrats on your Award! I have one for you too! I'd love it if you'd choose any one for your blog. You will fine it
    here as its taken me days to sort out!!

  3. Thank you for the little award hun, I've just been having a chuckle at your answers
    hugs Mandy xx

  4. Sam you're such a star! :D Thanks for the giggles :)


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