Sunday, 8 November 2009

Christmas Cards

Morning all. Just a quicky to show you some of the cards that I made the other night. Coloured a couple of images in yesterday but ended up swearing at my old lappy (I was relegated to that one as hubby was on this one) and watched telly most of the night starting with Star Wars and then we watched Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer. That bloke makes me die laughing but I don't really know why - maybe coz he doesn't pretend to be uber glamourous, who knows!!!
Anyway I'm still feeling a bit rough, dodgy stomach and stuff now, but I've got to go shopping coz if I let hubby do it, all we'll have is biscuits, crisps, mousses and doughnuts. Why is it when we are ill (women that is) we still have to do everything, but when men get ill, the world has to stop!?
Oh well must go, need to take some tablets for the sinusitus again.
Sam x
Oh by the way - did you see the lovely little award Stitchy made for us DT girls that make stuff with her digis. Cheers hun.....oh and another thing I am now on Twitter (what am I doing - I must be mad!!!!) so I'll be updating on there when I add stuff to my blog or my shop.
Take care all
Sam x


  1. Beautiful set of cards, Sam! Hope you feel better soon, hon. I know what you mean about blokes shopping. Mine comes home with doughnuts and about 6 different kinds of bread, along with other such indigestibles as Scotch Eggs oh, and not forgetting his variety of real ales! I always have to do an online shop after he's been shopping.x :)

  2. Oh Sam these are beautiful and youve made so many

    Wonderful makes

    Liz xx

  3. You at it again I see...girl, you do beautiful work, but you already know that lmao...I'm so very happy we met and I got up my courage to ask you to join make me so very proud even when you don't use my ya girl

  4. A gorgeous set of cards Sam, hope you're feeling better soon.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I love receiving comments too - keeps you going in the right direction I think!

    Take care
    Hayley x

  5. An award on my blog for yours
    Cheers Liz xx

  6. Sam, First I love your color scheme. Your cards are fabulous. Great job love.


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