Monday, 9 November 2009

I just got another award

This one is from the lovely Lyn aka Spyder @ .
Please do go and visit this very talented dogsitter...lady...ahem no-one noticed that did I didn't think so. Anyway she didn't say how many people I have to give this to so I'll leave it up to you my lovely visitors to take if you would like it. All I ask in return that you leave me a comment and link back to me here.
Thanks guys and I hope you have all had a good day today.
Sam x


  1. I will leave you a comment but not takin the frog Don't like em!!!
    Do you????????

    Liz x

  2. Ack, that XX!!*X* frog! :P
    Lol, congrats on the award, I just hate that picture and it always seems to be jumping out at me :P


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