Thursday, 24 June 2010

I finally finished it!!!

My hubbys Dr Who scarf that is! I had put it away for ages and forgotten about it, but when I was feeling a little wobbly the other week I dug it back out of the cupboard and I've been on a mission to finish it ever since. I finally ran out of wool/yarn for it so it was done. It's a double rib all the way along it's 6ft length, so it's taken me some time to do with chopping and changing the yarn from side to side (next scarf I do is that fluffy stuff so I can stay in "knit" mode all the way down).
Hopefully it'll keep his little neck warm during the winter on the farm and I hope the pigs don't take a liking to it and try nabbing it for themselves hehehehe.

Okay well I must dash as I have to get my DT make done for this weekend - papers are printed but that is as far as I got what with the football and the scarf.
Take care peeps
Sam x


  1. Thats really lovely. I bet he is thrilled with it.
    A x

  2. oh how awesome! fabulous colors. looks like chenelle!!! it's gorgeous!


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