Friday, 25 June 2010

Award time!!

I got an award from my fellow DT member,blogging buddy and facebook addict, Clare (  check out her blog and her shop too). Now I'm not really sure what she's trying to say with this award at first look but it all becomes clear when you know what you have to do with it hehehe.

Now then I have to tell you 6 bare faced lies and one truth (or vice versa if you so wish just to mix it up a bit) so here goes.
1. I love housework.
2. I'm extremely outgoing and have loads of friends in the real world.
3. I'm a size 12, 6 ft red head.
4. I have 3 gorgeous daughters and one fab hubby.
5. I regularly run marathons.
6. I am incredibly organised.
7. I'm a brilliant liar hehehe.

Leave a comment to say which one you think is true ... or which one you think is the lie!
Okay now to some worthy recipients hmmmmm..... well one has to be Lyn AKA spyder as her blog whenever I visit it has me in stitches. Now the other six.
2. Sarah
3. Lexis Creations
4. Deb
5. Gemma
6. Sarah K
7. Rebekah

Okay of to let my blogging buddies know they have a little surprise waiting for them right here at Chez Sam hehehe and then do dinner.
Take care peeps
Sam x


  1. ahhhh bless thank you sweetie :D mwahhhhh xxx

    Hugs Lexi xxx

  2. Ohoo thank you for thinking of little ol me!! I've not long told some really bad porkers so I'll add you to the list!! here if that's ok! have a fabby weekend! of them was true!

  3. Thanks Sam! They are all true lol! You must be a super fit marathon runner yes?!!! I think I know which one is true and it's not that you are a brilliant liar too! Hugs Rebekah x

  4. thank you for the award Sam :) xx

  5. well done on the award Sam...

    Paula x x x

  6. I pick your not a good Lier,I put it on y blog Thank you Sarah


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