Saturday, 26 June 2010

First attempts at crocheted flowers

Dunno what's wrong with me lately - but I've been here at my blog for more days in a row than I have for ages and I'm doing other stuff other than just cards!!!
Anyway these are my first attempts at crocheting flowers so those of you that are old hands at it please let me know what you think of my attempts. I personally think I'm getting there. The holes are the bit that are worrying me as it doesn't look that holey in the pictures in the mag, but that could be the yarn I'm using and the fact that I was trying to leave it as loose as I dared so I knew that I could get my hook back through.
Anyway I'd love some feedback on these please.

Cheers peeps
Sam x


  1. well i think these are fabulous! absolutely fabulous!!!

  2. Good job on flowers. I use to crochet a lot, well long time ago. Hugs, Nataliya.

  3. They're fantastic and in my fave colour :c)
    I can only do basic crochet and have no hope of getting it to actually look like anything lol!

  4. well sam hun these are brilliant really love them clever you they really are so pretty,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  5. Hi Sam these are really good. well done you !!
    Hugs June xxxxx

  6. They are super,
    you have done brilliantly for a first time,
    are you sure its a first, they look to good for that,

  7. Hi Sam, I've never been able to crochet anything, so I can't give an "expert" opinion, but these look absolutely fab to me, and not too holey at all, well done you!

  8. I like those! I had a go at crotcheting flowers a little while ago, and mine were horribly uneven - unlike yours which are lovely!

  9. these are just perfect, I have crocheted for over 35 years and some of the best I seen...perfect for embellishments - great job hun ;)

    stitch xoxox


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