Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back again!!

Evening all. Just another quicky. Just finished this corsage and I'd love some honest feedback for it.

Would you buy one? and how much for? I would make them in colours to order so I wouldn't have a stock of them unless you thought I could get away with doing a batch in a certain colour - say red for example. The basic crochet was really easy and didn't take long, it was the crocheting of the long petal strip into the finished rose shape....although I was getting the hang of it by the third attempt at the end (hehehehe yes it took me several attempts to get it right)
I've made this one in cotton DK, but I do think it looks better in the mohair on the pattern instructions, so I think future makes would be made in that instead.
Okay that's it from me tonight. Catch you all again soon
Sam x


  1. OOO Sam that is exquisite,
    its wonderful,
    I have no idea on prices, I wish I did lol,
    but it is lovely and you should have no problems selling them,
    I often see if there is anything else like the item on either ebay or etsy to see a price guide lol, hugs Angie

  2. Wow Sam this is gorgeous, you are clever! I think you could wear these anywhere, in your hair, on your clothes or on a bag, these handmade accessories seem to be all the rage at the moment, should think they will sell pretty well. You need to try and see how much people sell similar items for to help you decide on a price.

    Vicki x

  3. I think this is beautiful, as for price it depends on what you want really. I think they could easily sell for £6.99 but if you want lots of sales you could go cheaper. How long does it take to make. I know in the crafting world you dont get paid for your time but it should be considered. Good luck on selling. xx

  4. I love these Sam they are fab think they would be nice on bags as for the price not a clue on that one Liz XX

  5. Sam you are good at this! This is lovely, if I lived on your side of the pond I would by one or two. Wouldn't they make great embellishments on cards too?
    Hugs, Chris
    P.S. haven't got a clue what price.


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