Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hello's me!

I have just realised that I haven't been here for just over a month!! Well we are all moved into the new house, well it's an old house really but new to us if you get what I mean. I have a lovely craft room and here's some piccies for you so you can have a bit of a nose around.

I took these photos a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately I've not really had a chance to get it all lovely and messy yet as hubby had an accident at work 2 weeks ago and dislocated his shoulder quite badly and I'm being nursemaid as well as doing everything else that a housewife and mum has to do.
I have just received some lovely shiny new crochet hooks which I bought from ebay and I'm going to test one of them out in a little while, as I am getting a bit of time to do my buddys order of a black cardi, which is the same as the white one I made for the lovely Clare AKA Thread-bare.
With any luck I'll start getting back into my usual routine soon as hubbys arm is now permitting him to play on the X box (which he was recommended to do, so I dont mind at all - he's out of my way and not dinging his bell for a fag or a drink every 5 minutes hehehe) and I'll have some pics of bits I'm making or have made to share with you once again.
Take care all
Sam x


  1. Hi Sam, I'm so pleased the move went well and you're all settling in, and, lol, look at you teasing us, now I want to rummage around all your crafty bits :D

  2. Looking good hun, hope the 'invalid' is on the mend xxxxxxx

  3. Hi Sam lovely to see you hunnie thought Hubbie would have left the pulling oof the err bell to u lol cant wait to see more of your makes

    Hugs liz xx

  4. Hi Sam great to see you back happy for you having your wee craft space and thanks for sharing your pics hope hubby is feeling better with his shoulder and looking forward to seeing your lovely creation soon Hugs
    Sarah xx

  5. oh this all looks great hun hope hubbie gets better soon,and look forward too seeing all your,makes too hun hugs cheryl xxx


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