Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sorry I'm not about much.....

It's another damp wet morning here in East Anglia. I'm moving all the stuff I got packed up yesterday this morning and then I'll be getting another load ready to take after work. It's a lot of work at the minute and not much play time but having my own little room for all my stuff and the fact that I can make as much mess as I can handle is going to be more than worth it. Can you imagine the WOYWW pics then hehehehe?!
I keep leaving my wooly stuff here in the hope that I'll get something done in the evening, but so far I've been pooped after doing dinner during the week. Although saying that, I did get some little fingerless gloves made at the weekend to help keep my hands warm while crafting /crocheting.

If I make another pair for myself I'm going to tweek the pattern as the picot edge on the finger ends is soooooo annoying as it keeps folding over but hey ho, you live and learn.
Okay, well as I'm not getting much else done crafty wise and from the looks of it, aren't likely to, I'll keep you posted as to what I'm doing with the move each day....if I remember that is lol.
Right well peeps, you take care and have a lovely day
Sam x

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  1. oh love these gloves hun,love the edging too,hugs cheryl xxxxx


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