Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My latest make

Still no card mojo but I finally got this mobile cover finished. I had trouble with the fluffy wool so I had to knit this one instead of crocheting like my other ones.

This little baaaa-uty is now up in my webstore for £4.50 + p&p. These are going to be made to order ... unless of course they prove to be popular and then I'll get a stock of them made so that they can be sent out straight away instead of waiting for me to make them.
Hope you like my latest offering and I'll see you soon.
Take care
Sam x


  1. Hi Sweetie

    You had better get knitting then as my name is on this one. I get paid Friday so get your invoice to me then hun xx

  2. You'vebeen sooo busy!! I love the eye's on, if you lose it, it will know where it is, and tell you! (but only in my world...)


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