Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Just a quick one

before I disappear to go and cook dinner. This little beauty (well it's not so little at approximately 5 inches by 14) is my first attempt at filet crochet and I think I can safely say I have got the hang of it now after several mistakes and restarts. Now on the instructions, it says this is a at this size it's for a VERY BIG book. I think I'll mount it somehow and have it as a decoration.

I'll post the link for the pattern later, for any of you that are interested in it.
Take care
Sam x


  1. Wow hun.....that is just stunning. Proud of you sticking with it :-) xx

  2. oh my, this is outstanding,
    I know filet crochet is hard, I have never tried it, (think I am a little scared of it lol)
    This is gorgeous, certainly needs to be framed and shown off.

  3. that's gorgeous as are your snowflakes - can't crochet to save my life - perhaps it's a bookmark for War & Peace LOL!
    Debbie xx

  4. oh wow hun how you do things like this I will never,know this is just brilliant gosh,so clever hun hugs cheryl xxxx

  5. Great job Sam! I find crochet very relaxing. Easier than knitting for me. If you want is smaller just try a finer thread and hook.


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