Monday, 31 August 2009


"Crumbs DM" said Penfold to Danger Mouse. I'm saying "Crumbs" an awful lot at the moment, my hubby has just got off the phone with his mate who wants me to price up some Wedding Invitations for him. I made a birthday card for his other half which you can find here and they'd like it along those lines which isn't the problem.
The thing is they want a price for 500 invites. I have no idea how to price something like this. The biggest I've done previously is 100 but they were nice and simple and were done in a few hours. These are a little more complex because of the extra little card on the front but like I said not a problem to do. If anyone has any ideas how to price this I would be so appreciative of your help and advice.
Many thanks
Penfold......sorry Sam x


  1. Wow thats fab...
    Have a look on this site - may give you some idea on prices.
    Emma x

  2. Sorry Sam, I don't have a clue about pricing things up, but congrats on being asked :D

  3. Don't underprice yourself Sam. It's going to take a long time and lots of resources to make 500 invites. Well done you for getting asked! Sorry I cant be of anymore help :(
    Let us know how you get on :)
    Louise x

  4. Sorry hun I wouldn't have a clue, but congrats on being asked, well done you xx.
    Hopefully you'll have a little parcel from Postman Pat on Wednesday xx


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