Monday, 31 August 2009

Farfs Mug

Said I'd be back....I'm getting quicker at this malarky you know! Anyway you've most probably got this weird look on your faces at the moment over the title. Farf is my name for my grandad and it's how he's been known all of my life.
Right explainations out of the way, onto the cards. The top card for my Farf, is from a template that I downloaded from Mirkwood Designs .There are some fabulous templates on this site and it's well worth a visit. All I've done is added some letters that I've cut out and put on some double sided foam and lined the inside with some paper that's been in my stash for quite some time and made a little pocket to house a tea bag and added some peel off letters saying "Have a Drink on me" as he drinks an awful lot of tea!
The second one is just another 3D decoupage. I saw this image and the one from a previous post in a little shop called Grandmas Patch in Watton, Norfolk when I took my daughter for a dentists appointment earlier in the year. I think the sheet was by Le Suh (is that right? I'm terrible for names) and it just caught my eye as the art work is stunning. I love this sort of stuff. A word of warning though if any of you seek this out - it is very fiddly to cut out. The times I nearly threw my craft knife and tiny scissors across the room.
But I persevered and I'm reasonably pleased with how it came out in the end.
Okay that's me done for now - I really must do my hoovering and possibly my ironing before I play any more.
Sam x


  1. Fantastic I love the mug and your other card is gorgeous.
    Emma x

  2. I love FARFS mug and the other one is beautiful, you need a title for it as it's too gorge for us all to call it "the other one" so how about "the card that delayed my hoovering" Yes? No? lolxx

  3. Fabulous cards, love the elegance of the second one but my fave has to Farf's mug its brilliant.


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