Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New calendars

I'm back with another two calendars. I'm reasonably pleased with the Retro Rose one (bottom pink) but the Venaissance one....hmmmm - well for some reason my ink pad doesn't like the card that I've used and keeps coming off on my fingers. If you have any ideas I'd more than welcome them because I'm at a complete loss.
Anyway i don't think you can see it on these piccies but on the actual paper from the LLB Retro Rose range I have put a bit of Anitas 3D gloss on certain parts of the paper to bring it out a little.
Okay I'm off again ,see what else I can think up to make.
Sam x


  1. great calenders hun hugs cheyrl xxxx

  2. Well well what a clever lass!! briliant idea, thanks so much for finding me,I shall be visiting of ten too here following now huggies June xx


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