Monday, 10 August 2009

Lyns got candy!!

I can't believe I almost missed this, sorry Lyn. As you can see, it's running from the 1st August all the way through to the end of September.
You really need to check out Lyns blog if you haven't already as she is a really talented lady.
I'll most probably be posting again soon as I'm sure I've got another award that I have to give out.
Sam x

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  1. Thank you Sam! I'm putting all my followers names in a big bag, adding their names again for every comment or emails and then if they put this banner on their blog they get another entry (or two!) into the big bag. The Candy will be all sorts of crafty bits and pieces, papers, ribbons,die-cuts, glitter, brads, things like that. I've asked, what wouldn't they like to find in their goody bag if they won, so's been, fried eggs...old socks, and dirty underwear!! Thank you again Sam!



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