Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Disastrous CD Case Calendar

This is my first attempt at a calendar in a CD case. Before I started I had managed to get 7 pieces of card into the case. When I had covered each piece of card in the pictures that I had taken from an old calendar that I had kept, I tried to put them all into the case - guess what!! they didn't fit. I hadn't allowed for the extra thickness of the paper the pictures were on. What a numb-nut.
I have of course now realised my mistake and my next ones will be made slightly differently. That's the plan for tomorrow anyway.
I'd like to give credit to all the people that have taken these photos so if you recognise your photography work, please let me know and I'll put your name on this post.
Okay I'm done for the day so I'll catch you lovely people at a later date.
Take care all
Sam x


  1. oh Sam what a bummer good luck tomorrow

    liz x

  2. Hi Sam, just like to say what a great blog, love your work, thanks for commenting on mine I have become a follower of yours.
    have a good day

  3. Found you!! Had a slight panic when I ended up on Trimcraft and was completely lost, not been there before. Your blog is fab hun you are definately a pro at this,I'll be harassing you for advice Love Mandy xx


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