Friday, 21 August 2009

CD Case Tutorial - well sort of :)

Good morning everyone. Well this should be a bit of a laugh. This is, as the title suggests, a tutorial....sort of heheheehe!!! My fellow blogger Dazie and good buddy from a couple of forums asked how to make these as she wants to have a go.
So here is my best attempt and please excuse the photos.

You need to cut your card stock ( I've used 290GSM cardstock for this one, (nothing too thick otherwise it won't fit after you have put your covering paper on)) to approximately 135mm x 118mm so that it fits into your CD case.

I then inked the edges of my base cards with PINK PASTEL from my COLORBOX QUEUE CHALK CATS EYES.
I trimmed the covering paper down to the size that I required and then inked the edges of these also with my CATS EYES from COLORBOX in WARM RED.

Apply DS tape all the way around your covering paper so that you don't have any loose edges, as you may notice the paper I've used is recycled from an last years calendar.

I also got all my other bits that I was about to stick on ready at this stage. I find if you are unsure of where you are sticking your bits, then the tabbing system works beautifully.

Stick your main paper where you would like it on your base card.

Next attach your calendar tab which I also inked the edges so that it stands out with the DARK PEONY from my COLORBOX QUEUE CHALK tower.

Then I attached my main image which is also recyled from the same calendar .... the art work is by A.M. GIRLING by the way.

If you want to doodle on your completed page, you can but I felt this didn't need anything else although I did have a pen at the ready just in case.

This is a view from above of the completed calendar.

This is the completed calendar from the front (complete with mess although most of it has been cropped out heheheehe). I will eventually cover the out side of the calendar as well so it isn't just plain, but I don't believe any of you need help for that - you could also use alcohol inks I should think but I don't have any of those so I'm not entirely sure.
I hope this helps Dazie and any of you out there that would like to give this a go.
Take care all and have a lovely day.
Sam x


  1. What a really great idea! Thanks for the great tutorial. Tracey x

  2. Thank you! I have been wanting to have a go at this for a while but needed some decent instructions on how to make one.

    Fingers crossed I should have one made soon!


  3. Thank you Sam for this fab idea. I've got a box of cd cases in the garage ( I never throw anything away!) so that will be another project.
    Beryl x

  4. Great tutorial and a great idea too
    Thanks for sharing

    Jackie x

  5. A fantastic tutorial Sam, thanks for sharing this fab idea with us.

  6. Thanks so much for writing this up for us all Sam, I'm going to put this on my (long) to-do list :)

  7. Thank you so much for the tutorial "miss" it's fab. If I don't get your little package in the post tomoz I'll post it Monday, mwah xx

  8. Oh that is so cool! Love it! TFS. Kim

  9. Great tutorial and fantastic calendars you have been making. Think I need to have a go at one of these.
    Emma x

  10. Thank you for sharing the tutorial

  11. Great idea, well explained,


  12. thanx for the instructions Sam

  13. Brillaint tutorial Sam, would you add the link on jj forum under tutorials board if you get chance please ? It is a very clever idea and i know people will come back to see it lots.
    Thanks for your lovely words on my blog my friend
    huggggggggggs June xxx

  14. this is brill hun great super tutorial hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  15. Thanks for the great tutorial it couldn't have been easy. Much appreciated
    Love Chris


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