Monday, 5 October 2009

What have I done heheheehehe!!!

You may notice that I have added a new gizmo to my sidebar......I've taken the plunge and set up my own little shop on Folksy. I haven't put anything on there yet. I'll sort a few bits out for that tomorrow as I still haven't done any housework yet so I've got to at least put the hoover around quickly heheheehe. It will cost me a little but if stuff does sell it's better than it sitting in my bedroom gathering dust now isn't it.
Oh well something else to add to my signature on the forums that I'm on.
Take care peeps hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some more makes as there are a couple of challenges that I want to do tonight.
Sam x


  1. Forget the hoovering Sam, just squirt some polish into the air as people come in and then tell them you've spent all day dusting and polishing. LOL and DARE them to comment on the fact that you're up to your elbows in miscellaneous stash :P
    Good luck on the shop, remond me to have a look when you have some stuff in :)

  2. Well done Sam! Hope you manage to get some things put in there for sale and that it goes well for you.
    Fliss xx

  3. Hi Sam, brilliant. Let us know when you add things and will take a look my friend
    hugs June xxx

  4. Well done, Sam! It looks really exciting. Let us know when you've uploaded your swag.
    Re. the housework, just pretend the vacuum's blocked and you spent hours trying to get it to work....x :)


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