Friday, 9 October 2009

Ruby wedding book card

I made this yesterday for my Mother-in-law for her sister Ruby wedding anniversary. I've yet to figure out how she's going to post it as it's too big to make a box from A4 card, I've got plenty of card from where I used to work in a print and packaging firm (my boss let me have it - I didn't just swipe it hehehehehe) but it won't be a pretty display box so I'm a little upset at that unless I can find some bits long buried that I've forgotten about. Saying that I'm sure my little brother bought me some printable acetate for my birthday last year, hmmmmm I wonder. If I find that then I'll be making two boxes - a display box and a sending box.

Anyway I hope you like it and big THANK YOU to my trimcraft buddy Kevin who sent me this template as I don't have a Bookatrix board yet - boo hoo...the shame. I also realised I need a heck of a lot more border peel offs. Crumbs my list of wants and needs never seems to get any shorter, just longer by the hour......

Take care all

Sam x

PS I might start another blog for my odds and ends and just keep this one for my challenge entries - what do you think?

Cheers Sam x

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  1. Hi Sam, this is gorgeous :) And, I'd go for making a display box out of acetate and then a sturdy but not so pretty box to get manhandled in the post :P
    As for the blogs, is there a reason you want to keep your challenge entries seperate from your odds n ends? If not, then I'd just keep them all in one blog, but obviously if you like to keep things organised and filed seperately then go for another one. Me, I just chuck it all in one big pile, in blogland and real life :P


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