Wednesday, 1 April 2009


It's not something I normally do a lot of, dabbling maybe but I don't normally experiment with tried and tested formulas but one of my buddies sent me a PM earlier and asked how I had put the glitter into my candles.I was a little confused at this but after looking back on my photo I thought that maybe it was the stray embossing powder. But it also got me thinking, could I put glitter on my candles?.............the answer is YES.After colouring my image in I got my trusty Quickie glue pen and dabbed it where I wanted the glitter to be and then proceded with the usual process involved.I don't think it's come out too badly for an experiment but would love to know what you think.
How to......Decorate candles
Firstly you need white tissue paper and greaseproof paper and a candle.
Take a stamp from your collection for first attempts the simpler the better and stamp onto your tissue paper.You can emboss your image if you so choose or you can use Stazon if you are just going to colour it as is.
Once you've stamped and coloured your image cut your image out as close to the lines as possible.
Then you need to place your image where you would like it on your candle and carefully wrap a strip of greaseproof paper around your candle with enough to go all the way round so that you can hold it tightly in your other hand,it also needs to be wide enough to cover your entire image from top to bottom.
Next you need your heat gun and lightly wave this over your greaseproof paper covered image. It should start to change colour slightly,this is the wax melting and also adhering your image to the candle.
Once the entire image has changed colour carefully remove the greaseproof.Your candle is noww decorated.
Hope this helps those who have asked,tatty bye ......... again!!!

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  1. wow candles as well!! you are a woman of many talets!!

    havent had a go at this yet!!


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