Thursday, 16 April 2009

Another Award

Oh my gosh. I've just got another award. This time from the lovely Lyn. I take it this means I need to find 5 people to pass it on to as well. I'm gonna have a little think on this and put them on in a bit. Check back tomorrow and I should know who to give this to then.

Thanks Lyn
Sam x
Okey-dokey I have made my decision and it really isn't easy to just pick a few people but here goes anyway.
Polly (paula) Pierce
the ever so lovely Mayjay
And lastly but by no means least Cathy and her Glitter happy blog.
Take care girls and have fun trying to pass your new award on.
Sam x


  1. I wanted to give this to more...I chose six in the end, because I can't count! but I do have some blog awards in your ears (umm I mean inarrears,) so I guess I'm allowed to!

  2. Hi Sam Thats a good idea to put your roundie holder in the simon says challenge. It was a cd holder after all and now its a roundie holder.

  3. thanks sam thats really lovely of you, but what do i do now??? help i am a bit thick !! xxxx


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