Monday, 28 February 2011

Back to work...

for a rest! I ended up having a busy week in a completely different way to what I had planned. Although I did get some crafty bits made, it wasnt half as much as I wanted to get done, but the garden is looking a lot better now and once hubby has hung the gates, we can finally let the dogs out into the garden without them being on their leads or a guard (normally me!) so big yay!!! on that front.
I am that tired today though because I didnt sleep very well last night so I haven't been able to craft this evening as much as I tried, my eyes just will not focus and keep on watering. I can safely say I'm looking forward to bed :-)
Well as I didnt get any crafting done, I thought I should update a bit more of my website instead. It's slowly taking shape and if anyone see's anything that they like there, they can order it by using the contact tab. That way people can have things made in their own choice of colour, design, fabric (if it's a crocheted item) etc - I hope that makes sense as I'm feeling increasingly more dozy as the minutes tick by lol.
Anyway I just wanted to pop by quick tonight and say a big "Hello" to my new likers and wave at some old friends that have just found my blog too.
Night night all - back soon
Sam x

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