Friday, 11 February 2011


I've just booked my first ever stall at a crafting event!!!!!! I have now got to pull my fingers out and craft like a mad woman ("no problem" I hear my husband shout from downstairs lol ) as I have until April 22nd to get some bits made and ready to go as it's on the 23rd (St Georges Day).
Hopefully it should be a lot easier to craft up here now as hubby just bought me some shelves, so I was assembling those last night, filling them all up and reorganising my stash. I can now lay my hands on most of my things now.

I do have a little more tidying up to do as you can see, but most of the stuff that needs putting away is hiding behind the door on top of my filing cabinet.
Hmmmm.............some corner shelves wouldn't go amiss near the window....... :-)
Anyway, this is happening in Thetford in the Guildhall if you happen to be in the area on the 23rd. I'd love to meet you if you are, so don't be shy coz I really don't bite.
Take care everyone
Sam x


  1. It's good to here from you Sam. Lucky you with your new shelves. I need a pro organizer I think. I really need a dust fairy.
    Hugs, Chris

  2. Oooh well done hun. Will check my schedule but I'm sure I'm free that weekend. Will def pop up & see you. I don't have a show till the beginning of April but then I have 10 booked after that so far!!! xx


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