Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lots to show but no time to yap.....

so I'll say only what needs to be said today. First off, my garden is completely enclosed now so it's just a case of doing a bit of tidying up out there - so YAY for that. And secondly, I've actually made some flaming cards, something I havent done in absolutely ages so I'm going to shut up now and just show you all the pics with the details underneath.

Download from CUP by Carol Ann Clarke
Download from CUP by Helen Williams

 Download from CUP by Tina Fitch

 Download from CUP by Sue Way

Oh and just in case you thought I'd left the crochet behind.....

Hope you like all my makes, and I hope you go show some love to the CUP designers where all my downloads came from.
Ooo!! Just remembered there is another card on it's way so keep your eyes peeled :-)
Nighty night
 Sam x


  1. All flippin fantastic cards I also love the hair accessories!

  2. Fabulous makes Sam. Love your flower and great cards! Kim


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