Thursday, 24 February 2011

Look at me - I'm on a roll !!

Just as well I'm sitting down or I may just fall down, hehehe. Back again with TWO new makes! Well in truth, I've had the absolutely gigantic black flower made up for a while now but just needed the inspiration on what it should become and my eldest daughter provided me with just the ticket while she was over last weekend. All she did was hold it up to her head in such a way so that my little brain automatically thought "HEADBAND". So I popped over to Ebay and got a few, just a few as I need some feedback first on whether anyone would actually be interested in buying them and at what sort of price too.
Anyway as usual I digress. The other make is a gorgeous little variegated crocheted purple flower mounted on a hairgrip. Still to come are pink variegated, yellow, white, plain pink and black. Going to get at least one of the other colours made tonight/ tomorrow (I hadn't realised it was 10pm already lol), anyway I'll see how time goes and how far I get as I'm getting a lot quicker at these fiddly little so and so's :-)
Oh yeah pictures - here they come....

Okay well that's me done for another night here anyways, so I'll leave you with these piccies and catch you whenever I have some more bits to show you.
Ta-ra for now and take care
Sam x


  1. gosh hun,you have been busy,these are brilliant,hope you are well hun,thanks for stopping by to say hello,glad you are liking your work hun love hugs cheryl xxx

  2. Sam, sweetie these are delightful. Makes want to crochet something. xxoo


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