Wednesday, 20 January 2010

WOYWW - oh dear!!!

What else can I say...I had just seen Susie Sugars post about WOYDW and I thought I'd join in this week as a bit of moral support as I'm constantly in a mess and burying my notebook - which you can see on my cutting mat as I unburied it this morning so I could write down a couple of challenges.
Well I'll leave it up to you and before you I don't know how I manage like it either, I just push things to the side and pile it up until it goes everywhere (much like now so I think a bit of a tidy up is coming soon).

The cat doesn't want to stay there too long or she might be stuck to a card heheehe. The sideboard is full up of stuff as well and there's more stuff behind me and in the spare bedroom. You never know it might be tidier for next weeks WOYWW - yeah and pigs fly!!!
Take care and keep tidy heheheehe
Sam x

For all you neat freeks out there, is this better for you....whether I can find anything now is another matter. At least I can find all my scissors and knives though lol :)


  1. There aren't many tidy crafters so don't worry. At least all your stash is close to hand when you need it. There looks to be some lovely stuff going on there too. :-)
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    A x

  2. OMG Sam, this would give me a nervous breakdown, I just don't know what else to say it looks like you've been burgled hun lol
    hugs Mandy xx

  3. I see you have a cat on yours too!! mine always had glitter and glue stuck to his bum - in fact he jumped up on the bed to wake me this morning and droped a sheet of stick on gems that must have been atached to him somehow - nice!!!

    love your "organised" space happy crafting x

  4. I love your post Sam. You know all those people clean everything up before they take their pics. Michael is always complaining about how messy mine is, but I always know where everything is!

  5. Well the cat seems perfectly happy, so why worry!
    I'm feeling so virtuous as I've had a tidy up this morning, it won't last long, but at this precise moment it feels good!

  6. Wooohooooo Sam, I feel slightly less bad about my mess now! :P
    I still don't know what WOYDW/WOYWW is though as the link doesn't go anywhere :(

  7. Your desk looks mighty fine to me ... you can't be creative and tidy ... just aint possible :0)

  8. Yah, you sound just like me Sam……..the working space gets smaller and smaller until it disappears completely.

    I’m always sceptical when I see photos of clear desks, I’m sure they dust and polish on Wednesday mornings!

  9. I just love to see desks like yours.. doesn't make me feel so alone LOL

  10. oh gosh hun blimey how do you find anyting he he I make a mess when I am creating but always put stuff away after as I cant sleep untill its tidy he he hugs cheryl xxxx

  11. Another kitty slumped happily amid the creative chaos! Sorry, but I absolutely couldn't work like this, but I am taking tablets for it .....

  12. Mine isn't as bad as it used to be when I used the kitchen table 'cos it's a little easier to put things away when the storage is right in front of; or just behind; me. But it does still get very messy at times. Your's is just a crafter's mess - how can you be expected to tidy up when you're in full creative flow? ;)
    Anne xx

  13. "...looks like you've been burgled"!! Love it, made me laugh out loud. How the heck do you find everything? Or can you only not find it if you put it away?


  14. LOVE IT! So cool - all that yummy stuff - and the moglet is cute too! Mine looks like that everytime I have finished doing a card! I just wish I could leave it all out but its our dinner table!!!

  15. You are brave to do this and right now mine doesn't look any better either.....

  16. I've tried everything and cannot change my ways. I'm too old and too busy! I didn't collapse in a heap at the sight of your desk, but I did have a good've got some great stuff!

  17. Oh Sam my husband would have to go lie down if he saw your desk, me I love that there is so much for us to nosey around. Hugs Pam x

  18. Well no wonder we get along so dam good, that is what my whole house looks like hahahaha...but ya know what, I bet we know where every little thing is huh??
    thanks for makin' me feel good hahaha
    love & hugz
    me xx

  19. Wow Sam we must be sisters !!! lol love that mess oops I mean desk , I think I might be a bad influance on you !!! lol
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Susie xx

  20. Sam we have the same Problem except my kitty doesn't try for the glue spots he has a bed on my desk it's easier lol for me your Mess looks Overwhelming to me I'd spend most of the time looking for my exacto knife with just a little mess lol
    It's great to see alll your Stash you must be related to Susie for sure
    hugs Nikki

  21. OH' Sam at least you tidied up chum, I make a right mess when I'm crafting but have to tidy things away after, or i would crack up, I know I'm such a sad person hehehe' xhugsx
    Sarah xx

  22. te he he he Worth waiting on seeing Sam I make such a figgin mess to but mostly clear it up a bit but never know where I put things ur a brave lady lol and just made my day

    liz xx

  23. oh wow sam it takes up lots of room huh !!!!

    And heres me thinking about trying it LOL i dont have space to collect all that lot lol

    I supose i am a bit inbetween i am not a neat freak but wow that would drive me insane LOL great post hun great to see where you work :)

    HUgggsssss J xxxxx
    Stamping Dragon


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