Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Oooooo, ribbon candy at OSAAT

Right my mate Liz has got some ribbon candy for our new challenge blog One Stitch at a Time (click on the link to take you straight to the post) but there is a catch. There's 2 bundles there and you need to guess how much ribbon is in each bundle, leave us your answers in a comment AND follow the blog - nothing like a bit of bribery eh!? Well, bribing my kids with sweets and food works, so why shouldn't some stash candy work on you lovely crafters - it'd work on me that's for sure!
Here's a couple of small piccies to wet your appetite, when you've had a think about it, click on the link and leave us your guesses - oh and don't forget to follow.

I'm going to have a big old rumage as well as I'm very nearly at 100 followers, so not only will there be candy from me on OSAAT for our first overall winner but there will be candy on here too to celebrate getting to 100 followers.
Sam x

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