Sunday, 17 January 2010

OMG What have I done?!! hahahahahaha

Oh well it's done now, so I might as well tell you guys about it. Stitch and myself have gone one step further and opened our own challenge blog. We have a fab DT on board and you can check them all out via the little blog roll thingy in my sidebar.
Our first challenge is going to be on Sunday 14th February - St Valentines day and I'll give you all the deets nearer the time. I hope to have all our bios up later today so you can familiarise yourself with us.
I must be mad - that's all I've got to say....apart form I hope you'll join in the fun with us and our little gang of merry women when we go live.
Take care
Sam x


  1. Cannot come soon enough for me Sam! Working with you lovely ladies This Defenatly is the cherry right at the top of me cake! No matter what happens in my crafty year 2010 nothing will top this
    Liz xx

  2. wow Sam well done, of course I would love to join in. Just remind me if I forget lol. I will put a post on my blog later. Good luck I hope it goes well for you. Maxine x

  3. women, shakin my head and wondering what I have gotten myself into know I love's ya hunnie, at this point I would probably follow you to da moon lmao..we did it for real huh??? lol...never wanted my 15th anniversary to come so much before in my life hahaha...
    love & hugz
    stitch xx

  4. Congratulations Sam on the new challenge! Can't wait to find out what you & Stitch have in store for us for the first challenge!


  5. WOOOOHOOOOOO! Will put up a post on my blog tomorrow, love the new badges :D

  6. How exciting. I have checked out the blog and you and Stitch did a Marvy job!!! Congrats girl!!!! I will probably miss the first one on vacation but will get there right after!


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