Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Candy up for grabs just for saying "NO!"

Okay I'm going to cheat just a bit and copy and paste everything Samantha said over at ABC Christmas challenge blog or I will miss something important out - so listen up and here goes

"Hi ya everyone!

WOW some great cards so far for our first challenge!
I'm so pleased you all seem to be really happy about this new Challenge blog
As I have not run a Challenge blog before so thank also for your support too!
I have been commenting this morning and well its taken quite sometime!
I would like to say a HUGE BIG thank you to all of you that read the rules on the sidebar and have already turned off your Word Verification.
Its so much easier and really saves our time.
I am going to give away some candy as a thank you to those of you that have turned off the word verification and also to those of you that do!

So what do you have to do?

To be in with a chance of winning the TURN IT OFF candy

1. Post a message on your blog telling everyone about my candy our blog and what the candy is for on your blog.

2. Post the say no banner on the sidebar of your blog

3. If you haven't already, turn your Word Verification off pretty please!

(If you're not sure how to do this, please see the instructions in our sidebar)
4. Join in with Challenge A for Angels

To make it even more exciting...and give you even greater incentive to 'Turn it off!'...if we manage to get 50 entrants...Helen will add a second candy package!

Owner approval a much nicer way of screening your comments
Help us make a difference!
Samantha :0)
This Candy will close midnight 13th January UK time"

I've highlighted a couple of bits just so they notice a little bit more. Even before I was on a DT I found it just a little annoying that I had to type in these silly letters each time as it does take a fair bit of extra time to do so.
If you are unsure of how to do this, click on their link at the top of this post (the one in RED HUGE letters) and there are some instructions on how to do this. I for one didn't know it was on to start with or even how I could turn it off, but I hope it has made your (my followers and peeps that leave me lovely comments) lives that little bit easier.
Take care all and good night
Sam x


  1. Sam Was just starting to list this I HATE it too so silly and really annoying I home your feeling better

    Liz xx

  2. Hi Sam
    Hope you are well and happy new year. Been too long since I paid you a visit. Trying to have a good hop about....
    Defo say no, its a pain in the butt. Good luck with the candy draw.
    Hugs Emma x

  3. HUGE BIG thank you for your support on this one!! :0) Me and my crazy ideas! lol! hopefully we can get an end to WV at last!! so thank you so much for your help!

    don't forget your A card to be in with a chance of winning the candy :0)

    Hope your enjoying our new blog challenge too!
    Samantha ABC Christmas challenge blog :0)


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