Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Get to Dustins - BARGAIN!!!!!!

Right I'm just copying and pasteing direct from Dustins blog as I'll forget something.

Retirement Sale...

I am currently working on a line of rubber stamps (don't worry I will still do Digi's) BUT some of the rubber designs will be similar to some of my past digi's. So I am retiring pages 1 thru 5 from my site. I am selling all images for $25.00. It is good until midnight Sept. 25th. I will not offer these again until Jan/Feb 2010, and at that point will have to see what was made into rubber and what wasn't and if there is a design conflict some of them might not return.... I cannot tell you who this company is just yet, they do a lot of outside the U.S. sales, which will be good for those Doodle Dragon fans living around the world...

Spread the word, this wil be the last time Boo Boo Dragon, CupeCake Monkey and a few other favorites will be around...


If I hadn't spent so much already this month I'd be there like a shot, but unfortunately I do have to feed my daughter!!!
Sam x


  1. Sam Slow down lady lol you will give yourself a heart attack lol
    Hugs Liz xx

  2. Hehehe Sam, some of the images have cupcakes on, are you sure she couldn't eat them? :P


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