Saturday, 19 September 2009

Blog candy Galore

This first one is for Fliss who has some fab candy to celebrate her first stamps. Her link is on the sidebar so please do go and visit this very talented lady.

Secondly - The Digital ink Co have some fab-a-rooney candy up for grabs and they will ship internationally too...BONUS!!!!

Now then to qualify for this you have to answer one question - If you were offered 1 million dollars for coming up with an image that could be used for any occasion (birthday, masculine, feminine, sympathy, etc) what would it be?
Now I've thought about this - hard enough to make my head hurt, (not very difficult I hear my buddies say heheheehe) and the only thing I can think of that would possibly cover all and any occassion is one of those modern art type thingies - blocks of colour separated by the thick black lines. Knowing me there's some sort of copyright thing, but I figured you could change the colours to suit the occassion or person and then add embellishments to feminise or masculinise. As you can tell this isn't my forte - I work with stuff where the hard work has already been done hehehe.
Oh well I'm off to try my luck anyway, (my hubby would agree that I'm very trying) but why don't you guys toddle off over there via the link on my sidebar and have a go.
Have a lovely weekend - whats left of it...
Sam x


  1. Thanks Sam for putting that up there for Digital-Inkco...and I think your answer is well quite interesting...good idea though, abstract is always good lol..I'll have to see what I can come up with for you to play with lmao...
    You too have a wonderful weekend, I don't know about where you are, but our summer here in NY has finally arrived UGH lmao

  2. Sam...woo hoo Congrats girl, I was just over on the challenge blog and seen you won last weeks challenge...Yayyy Big Congrats...

  3. wow sam lovely yummy candy

    liz xx


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