Friday, 18 September 2009

And another one - I'm on a roll!!!

A big welcome to Stitchy (I don't think that's her real name somehow hehehee) from Stitchystamps so please click on her name and visit her blog as it's full of her digi stamps which you can get via Digital Ink co blogspot. I love my normal stamps but I'm also starting to love these digi stamps too. I may need some extra memory just for them soon - heehehehehe.
Take care all
Sam x


  1. Sam, I LOVE digital images, but it's killing me that I see all these new ones and I can't print :P LOL, that doesn't stop me drooling over them though, so I'm off to take a look :)

  2. Hi Sam, hope you're having a fab weekend. It's gorgeous and sunny in the South at last.
    If you pop over to my blog when you've got a spare minute, I've got some candy on offer that you might be interested in.
    Fliss xx


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