Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ho-hum guess what I've got...

Yay, I've got another award today. It is one I have already but I'm still gonna shout about it coz it means so much to me that you lovely people out there rate my blog highly enough to give them to me.

Anyway this one is from the lovely Liz at please do go and check it out and while you're there you can take a quick peek at her other blog too which is .

I now have to think of another 5 blogs to give this award to - my brain hurts from all this thinking so I'm going to update this later - so watch this space.

Sam x

Okay here goes

Bubblegum/Debbie and crew @


  1. And you deserve it too my friend. Congrats Sam i LOVE your blog

  2. congrats, you do deserve it you are so talented


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