Thursday, 10 December 2009

Birthday card for Stitchy

Bless, we had a party for the old girl on SNR last Sunday and she set us the challenge of making a birthday card or an invitation which had to include 3 papers, an element of 3D, 3 embellishments and 3 things beginning with B. If you look carefully you will notice a theme going on and if you add all of these 3s up you get 12 which is when Stitchys birthday actually is.
Anyway onto the card - it is another easel card (can you tell I like doing these at the moment) and the image that I've used is "Celebration Charlie" from Digital Delights by Louby Lou. I've got my 3 papers which are from one of my bit folders, I've 3D'd elements of Charlie and one of the balloons which is one of the 3 Bs (B for balloon) and the embellishments are a Happy Birthday that has been rescued from a bithday cake at some point, a little bow on Charlie and the 3 flower gems (well 1 didn't look right). The ribbon on the base is just so that the card will stand up.

Have a lovely day and take care
Sam x


  1. oh hun this is brilliant love the colurs you have used so great to see something nice and bright hugs cheryl xxx

  2. Aww Sam thats so sweet love that aint these great images Is it past stichys birthday guess it must be or I wouldnt be looking at her card!!

    Liz xx

  3. Hi Sam I could try but I may need help listing it I am a member of that place but cannot remember much about it if I do make a card I will let you know I am out tomorrow night and Ive a party on Sat watch ur e mail box


    liz xx

  4. Nope not yet Liz,tomorrow is the day lol...still got time to get them cards in there...I love this card, Sam you really rock my world, have I told you that yet today good on facebook, I be watching you hahaha...
    love and hugz

  5. Fab card Sam, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow Stitchy! :D

  6. what a great card sam!!!!!!


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