Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WHOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! My ACEO has been featured in a blog :-)

Good morning you lovely lot and how are you all today. As you can tell I'm a little happy that the first ACEO I made (an ATC that you sell) is being featured at Uniquely Yours along with some other (in my opinion) much better mini pieces of art.
Here is a piccy of said ACEO

and here is a piccy of my latest one with is based on the design of my cousins wedding invites that I'm making at the moment.

I hope you like them both and they are both up for sale in my Folksy shop HERE if you would like to sneak a peek and possibly favourite my shop (yes I know, blatent begging but it works on hubby when I want something new hehehe).
Right well I'm off for now as I really should get dressed, catch you all later
Sam xx


  1. hi there, beautifully coloured, and well composed - gorgeous atc and congratulations


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