Monday, 31 January 2011

First day at work

Evening all.
Nothing crafty from me today as I've been doing my new job at the school. I was asked on Friday afternoon by the headmaster if I would like to look after one of the little boys in class 1 until the end of the school year, as some funding has just come through for him to get some more help to get him up to speed as he has various problems. He is such a sweet little chap I had no hesitation in saying "Yes I'll do it", so I started doing that today as well as my dinnerlady job, so I've been at the school all day today with all those kids....and I've actually enjoyed myself barrels.
Anyway I just wanted to pop in and keep the blog going as I'm not having many visitors due to me not being on hardly at all while James was off with his shoulder. I'll have something for you all to look at sometime this week I reckon so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Take care now and I'll see you all soon
Sam x


  1. oh sounds like you are having a great time,hun good luck with it all, hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. Just popped in to say hi!! Happy Weekend!


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