Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blue baby blanket and an update .....

Evening all. Hopefully this is the start of me being back in blogland more often once again.
Well, lets do the update first. Hubby has managed his first week back at work for 3 months with no incident. He's definitely known he's been at work though hehehehe, he's been aching like no-ones business and very tired to boot, but it's been lovely and quiet here though ☺.
Now then onto my baby blanket. This little creation has just been uploaded to my Folksy shop at the price of £20 + P&P and is made from 100% acrylic yarn so it's lovely and snuggly and warm for little ones.

Also I'm hoping to be doing some ACEOs soon to sell in my Folksy shop (for those of you that don't know an ACEO is an ATC that is sold as opposed to swopped and stands for Art Card, Editions and Originals)
Anyway, I hope you like my blanket and I'll see you all again soon.
Bye for now
Sam x

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  1. Beautiful work Sam. you are such a busy bee
    good luck with it all my friend. I am busy too with my Dezinaworld things
    hugs June x


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