Saturday, 3 July 2010

Just found a fab new blog for all you greenys out there......

I've put a link on my sidebar as well, but it deserves more than just a link!! I checked out a new follower of mine this am (Jan is the ladys name) and she has this as one of her blogs.
Going Green Crafters and Artists -

ggcaa for short .I think it's a fab idea and I'll be going back to check it out and see what fabby ideas I can borrow.
I know as crafters, we do tend to recycle an awful lot of stuff (my hubby looks at me very strangely when I clean off the foil lid from a tub of marg or butter although he is getting used to it now hehehehehe) but this looks to have loads of ideas and I'm thinking already "now why didnt I think of that?"
Ok thats it for me today - didnt get any crafting done yesterday (thats a lie really ... I taught myself how to make an afghan square last night while watching the footy) and I don't think I'll get much done today as 1 I've got to go into town in a bit and 2 I'm helping out at weedyfaces school fete on the "Slat the Rat" stall yayyyyy, and tomorrow I'm being dragged out for what looks like the day (rain rain come back again lol for one day only though).
Right then my lovely peeps I'd best get on just in case I can find some time to craft today.
Take care
Sam x

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  1. Hi Sam,
    just popping over to say Hi and catch up on your blog !
    Hope you and your family are well !
    susan x


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