Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New awards

Hi all. Just found out that I have been given another two awards. This time from the lovely Caro of Caro's creations
please do go and check out her blog .... I think it's fab.

Only problem is now I have to give them out hehehehe.


  1. wow thanks so much Sam for thinking of me.

  2. Oh My, Thank you so very much,
    These awards mean the world to me,
    I am so grateful for them,

  3. Oh thank-you so much Sam for passing this award on to me. As I already have it I in my side bar, I will move it up and add your name to it.
    Love & hugs
    Ssandie xx

  4. Hi Sam Thank you Just received this from Cheryl two days ago Like sandie Its in my side bar to go out at the weekend so I will add your name to it Thank you very much for thinking about me I just popped over to see what mischeif you were up to!! Thanks again Sam
    Liz xx

  5. Oh Sam, thank you for thinking of me, it's a job in it's self trying to dish them out, I really feel for you here! Shall go and post it on my blog now.

    Take care

    Vicki x


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